Quiet fan solution for ATI HD 4670?

I picked up a Sapphire HD4670, and frankly the fan is a bit noisier than what I prefer and certainly than what I'm used to. Any thoughts on what fans would work well on this card?

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  1. What drivers are you using? I think the new 8.8 allows you to change the fan speeds, at least it allows this on the 48xx series. If not, try more recent versions of ATItraytools.

    You could try adding an aftermarket heatsink, but that would increase the cost of the unit. At that point, you are probably better off looking for a more advanced card, one with a heatsink only already on it. Meaning if the cost of the 4670 was $80, and the new heatsink is $30, try to find a quiet version of the 9600GT, 8800GT for around the same price. These cards are as good or better then the 4670, but will be quieter. (assuming you find one with just a heatsink.)
  2. The MSI version is quieter. I think so, anyway. I have it and don't hear it over my 2 80mm case fans.
  3. mine's MSI, not that noisy and am contented with its there a new driver coming for this card? am only using installer from the package...thanks.
  4. ATI releases drivers pretty frequently. check what driver you are using, then check ATIs site to see if there's an updated one. To the OP, you should be able to slow the fan for quieter operation. If that isn't satisfactory look into an aftermarket passive cooler. If the card is really that noisy (it shouldn't be) then RMA the card and get a new one.
  5. I have the same problem. I bought one of these card recently to go into a quiet system, and the fan is about 20 times as loud as I'd like it.

    But I can't find anyone listing an aftermarket cooler for it.
  6. I bought a Gigabyte 4670 for my HTPC in a Shuttle SG31G2. I chose this card as it has hdmi out right on the card. 2 pin power to the fan.. no matter what bios/driver there is simply no way to change the fan speed. I believe this is true for the Asus 4670 as well. I realize a few people have had luck by using the latest Catalyst software as it has a slider for adjusting fan speed but I'm under the impression a few of these companies went cheap on us and thus .. you get what you pay for.. the slider did nothing, 100% all the time. After doing some research and putting up with the noise for 3 days (which everyone agrees is simply too loud) I installed a Zalman Fan Mate 2, which is a 3 pin but you only need plug in 2/3 wires to adjust voltage to the fan. Now my fan is running at maybe 30%.. and keeps my temps nice and cool at somewhere between 35-45C. Which is about 30 degrees cooler then simply unplugging the fan. It's a pretty cheap option for most ($10). Hope that helps.
  7. Yes, my gigabyte 4670 have the same problem...wonder how should i solve it, should i buy a better fan and oc it? or just buy a silent fan and shut it up?
  8. I am going to try the Zalman VF1000 this next week. It is $40 bucks but it might be worth it for my HTPC. My MSI HD 4670 1GB version seems to have quite a noisy fan. I would say about 5000RPMS compared to my cpu & system fans @ 1500RPMS @ 17dBs. I will keep you guys informed if it was worth the buy.

    - Is anyone else having Driver issues? I mean, the Catalyst 9.1 and 9.2 drivers all seem broke. Windows XP Pro SP3 Says the HD 4670 drivers are not even supported, yet install fine. I get ati2vg.dll errors while playing TF2, random system freezes(WSOD), and graphic glitches. Not to mention graphic "lag" or motion slowdown. Ontop of that, I get the famous "sync issues" with the DVI output of a blank screen.

    Now for the sake of argument, lets say I am NOT an idiot(I just bought a crappy cheap video card on sale, it was cheap) when it comes to building PC's. I buy quality components and I look for the right specs on the side of the box.

    This is my system:

    CoolMaster 550W Dual 12v (24AmP) rails. (New)
    Foxconn s939 RS480 SB400 xpress 200 mobo
    Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Not overclocked Temp: idle: 38c FLoad: 49c
    2 x 1GB DDR400(PC3200) OCZ Plat. ver2. @ 2 3 2 5
    MSI HD 4670 1GB
    500GB SATAII 32MB Samsung F1
    2 x Lite-On DVD-RW
    SoundBlaster X-Fi Extreme Gamer
    22.1 DVI/VGA LCD

    I have stressed tested my CPU, MEMORY, HARD DRIVE, and just about everything else I could think of. All test come back normal. Its like Windows XP SP3 + Direct X 9.~ + ATI Drivers don't like to play together. Does anyone have any ideas except scrapping it or returning it?
  9. Hi, it says, This feature is available only for ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 series and later graphics cards that have variable speed fans. How can I make my fan slower on the 4670, it's too damn loud! Help.

    Manually Changing the Fan Speed
    By default, the fan speed is automatically adjusted to an optimal level to avoid overheating. However, you can manually change the fan speed. To keep the GPU as cool as possible when clocks are at their highest level, raise the fan speed; to reduce noise, lower the fan speed.

    Note: This feature is available only for ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 series and later graphics cards that have variable speed fans. It is not available for ATI Mobility Radeon™ graphics cards.
    1.Based on the navigation system contained in the ATI Catalyst™ Control Center window, do one of the following:
    •Navigation menu—On the Graphics menu, click ATI Overdrive™.
    •Navigation tree—From the tree in the Graphics Settings tab, click ATI Overdrive™.
    2.From the Graphics Adapter list, select the desired GPU.
    If the selected GPU is the Display GPU in an ATI CrossFireX™ configuration, the Select GPU to configure list becomes available. From the list, select the desired displaying or rendering graphics card.

    3.Ensure that ATI Overdrive™ is unlocked and select Enable ATI Overdrive™.
    4.Select the Enable Manual Fan Control check box.
    CAUTION: Adjusting the fan speed could reduce the life of your graphics accelerator fan.
    5.Move the Fan Speed slider to the desired setting.
    Note: If the GPU gets too hot at the speed selected, the fan is automatically raised to a higher speed until the GPU reaches a safe temperature. Once a safe temperature is reached, the fan speed reverts to the speed selected.
    6.In the warning message dialog that appears, click OK to accept the new fan speed.
    7.Click Apply. The Fan Speed box shows the current fan speed, which is typically the speed selected unless the fan speed is automatically raised to cool the GPU.
  10. Forgot to mention it's an Asus and my Catalyst is 9.10
  11. I reinstalled the ati drivers and it seems a lot calmer now. There's also quite a few solutios from these guys:
  12. I know this is an old topic but I had a similar problem which I fixed.

    The problem is that the Sapphire manufacturing process is inconsistent.

    My Sapphire label on the top of the heatsink is crooked and passes over the fan. Air moving from the fan causes the label to rattle slightly causing a high pitch sound. I removed the label and the fan has a nicer sound now, though it is still the loudest component in the computer.
  13. My card: Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 1GB

    I've never tried software to control my fans, but I found a way to change the fan settings in the cards' BIOS.
    I used the "Radeon BIOS Editor" (RBE).

    You can set at what speed the fan will spin at several temperatures, or simply set it to start spinning at temp "X" and reach 100% spin at temp "Y".

    I actually did this because the fan was only reaching 60% when the temp was 81C.

    Obligatory: Be careful editing BIOS, if you set the wrong setting to the wrong value you can cause your card to be inoperable. Read up on the dangers of editing BIOS. I've heard though that if you have a second video card (or an on-board card), and you can install both at the same time, you may be able to rescue the one with messed up BIOS...?
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