3870x2 vs. 4870

Is this the case where the one new card 4870 is better than the older card times two 3870x2?

I am seeing some nice prices for the 3870x2.

The price range I am looking at is $200 to $250...
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  1. Get a 4870 between the two it's much better, especially with AA enabled, though there are some games that the 3870x2 does very well in, like AC without the patch.

    BTW, I went from a x2 to the 4870 and I'm glad I did.
  2. Its a tough call; one of my coworkers is going through the same problem...

    The "safe" bet would be to buy either a 3870 or another 3870X2 and Crossfire them, and that will probably be cheaper and faster in the short term until the prices of the 4870/4870 X2 drop. The 4850X2 might also be an option after it comes out, especially in CF with a second 4850X2, or even a single 4850.
  3. The HD4870 is 2 steps above the HD3870X2.
    The 3870X2 is slightly more expensive or the same as the 4870.
    I would go with the 4870.
  4. 4870 no question.
  5. The golden rule with few exceptions:
    1 higher tiered card is better than 2 lower tiered cards.
    Get the 4870.
  6. +1 4870
  7. 4870 +1 you will just get more stable results with a 4870
  8. My x2 was stable, actually had cooler temps at same fan speed and noise level, but the 4870 is way more consistent, takes less power, and it rocks with AA on (I can crank up 8xAA on many games at 1680x1050).
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