Cheap mobo to OC Core2Duo E6300 1,86GHz

is it GA-P31-ES3G?

i need to upgrade mobo because my old mobo just have PCIx 4x only

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  1. Currently the Gigabyte GA-G41-ES2L is available for $65 or $70.
  2. If you really want to go cheap as chips, then get a second hand GA-965P-DS3P or DS3.

    I had an E6300 on the 965P-DS3P for 3 years up to 2 days ago running 3.4GHz for 2/3rds and 3.1GHz for the final third (got another set of 4GB ram with different timings and speed that made it not as stable).

    I have ripped off the E6300 and am now running a Q9650 from ebay @ 3.91GHz. Had to get another 4GB twin though that was identical to the best pair I had (8GB total).

    So yeah I can vouch for the GA-965P-DS3P (rev3.3) from first hand experience. You can even crossfire it with two gpu's! The DS3 version is equal in oc'ing but no crossfire.
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