AMD-AM3 platform release date?

I was planning to upgrade my mobo to AM2+ platform, but I heard that AM3 is *supposed* to be released sometime this year 2009. I couldn't find any recent news or threads on this, does anyone know? If it's going to be soon, I mind as well wait before I upgrade my computer.
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  1. Rumour says sometimes February 2009.
  2. I heard january :o *is confused* some of the AM2+ mobo can support the CPU through with a BIOS update as the new AM3 are backward compatible
  3. Yeah, I know AM2+ can support the new AM3 processors with a BIOS update, but AM2+ can only support DDR2 memory; with AM3 it uses DDR3 memory.
  4. I don't wanna stuck with DDR2 only mobo.

    I bought socket 939 mobo which was followed by AM2 mobo not long after. 2-3 years along the line when I wanted to upgrade... dang, most of the socket 939 cpu has gone.

    The temptation to get PII 940 is so high, I guess I can wait another month or two. :(
  5. I belive the chipset is 790GX ? right they should be out in the next 3 weeks or so.

    the 939 pin AMD was awsome...too bad AMD discountuned a great socket
  6. AMG,

    790GX is already out, it comes with integrated graphic card but it support DDR2.
  7. hahaha i just got my AM3 mobo around feb
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