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y DELL XP computer was damaged and did not operate.
I removed the hard drive.
I purchased a hard drive enclosure
I attached my DELL XP hard drive into the enclosure
I plugged it into my other laptop,a fujitsu Vista.
I can read and open the files that are on the guest account which didn't have a password but
When I try to open the adminstrator account, all I can see is the contacts, favorites and the start menu folders
i cant see the desktop, documents and other more important folders?
and when i click on any of the Adminstrator folders I get the following msg:
You don't currently have permission to access this folder!

I had set up a user password on the DELL XP for the Adminstrator account and I
know this password so if that is necessary, I can provide it.

Please help.
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  1. What you have to do is to sign on to an administrative account, right-click the folder, go into the security options, and take ownership on the folder and it's contents. Once you've taken ownership, you can then change the permissions of the folder and it's contents to allow you to access it.
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