Black screen on my Toshiba laptop

I had a black screen on my old Toshiba Laptop SA40-702. I sitched it off and back on but it was just the same. A screen saying In touch with Tomorroe TOSHIBA flashed up and disappeared. When I held down F12 this screen stayed. It has 5 icons at the bottom. What do I do now?
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  1. Sounds like you can get to the BIOS but Windows does not start. From the sounds of things though you are probably better off bringing it to a shop and have them check on things.

    If you can get to the BIOS settings, check if the hard drive is listed there, if not you'll need to reseat it, it could mean that the hard drive is totally dead, or the laptop itself is having issues. If none of that makes sense to you, see option 1 to bring it to a repair shop. Just make sure they don't start to wipe the drive before making sure all of your files are backed up, some techs are a bit too happy to start re-installing things without doing much checking or prep work.
  2. Tara_Patrick said:
    Blue screen can be occur due to following reason
    1)installing new hardware
    2) Boot sector corruption
    3) Leaving the bootable usb drive connected to the computer

    You can over these problem with the help of data recovery software which can help you from those problem

    Issue is not a blue screen here, laptop does not even get past the BIOS. Boot sector and usb drive is not a "blue screen", just a boot issue. Don't want to confuse the guy with what he needs to check on.
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