How to undo password protection on a WD HD

Hi guys, this is my first post here.

I’ve just bought two pieces of kit and am trying to sinc them. One is a media player which I can connect to a TV and play movies through a USB. This is working fine.

The problem is with the portable hard drive I’ve just bought. It’s a WD My Passport Essential 320 GB. I was thinking I would start to store all my movies on there rather than on the desktop and then use that to connect to the TV. Problem is that I registered it online yesterday and set up a password. Now the TV can’t read what’s on the drive because its password protected. Any way of undoing this?I know the password but there's no way of unlocking it through the TV.

It doesn’t need to be password protected at all. Just did it because it asked me too! Now I’m desperate to undo it. Help please!

Thanks in advance
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  1. Welcome to Tom's! This link may help...
  2. Thanks ever so much, undid password protection and it worked a treat.
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