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I have a Asus Rampage formula motherboard and a Seagate 500GB SATA hard drive. Whenever i boot up there will be a error that says master ide drive not detected. I looked in the bios and i coudn't find any thing that would set my hard drive as master. What do i do?
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  1. Not familiar with the Asus BIOS, but the SATA ports eliminate the master/slave problem. Do you have anything plugged into the IDE port on the motherboard?
  2. Find Marvell IDE in bios and disable it. Its a message from a separate IDE controller that checks for IDE drive and obviously wont find it because your drive is SATA.
  3. I dont have anything plugged into IDE and i cant find the Marvell IDE in the bios.
  4. I know you dont, and thats why youre getting the message. In my board(p5q) bios its in Onboard Devices Configuration, where is it in yours unfortunately I cant tell
  5. I cant find the Marvell IDE but i found a J-Micron SATA/PATA Controller. I tried disabling it but the error still came. What do i do?
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