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Can you help,

I want to provide a library of videos (currently in standard DVD format but willing to convert to MOV, MP3/MP4 or whatever) which I'd like to make available to my 6 year old daughter over a wireless network (currently WIFI G - but can upgrade to N if needed).

The videos must be accessible from a Windows environment (XP, Vista, W7), although likely to be an iPad as soon as - so probably delivery via a web browser is a must.

Not currently planning to stream to the TV, but the option of streaming to an XBox or PS3 would be useful - although not top of the list in priority terms.

Ideally, ease of use is a high priority, although the usual stuff (security, ability to quickly add additional content, ability to manage the server over a WIFI network, ability to perform automated backup, ability to stream photos over the web etc etc - all this would be a bonus - but not the main point).

Looking into: PogoPlug 2.0 (although reviews say streaming video is unreliable), simply using a dedicated PC and using VLC to deliver the content (

This subject is cross platform. It needs experience of:-

1. NAS
2. Networking - and in particular WIFI networking
3. Media streaming - video and photos

Any advice ?
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  1. Many apologies. Clearly this is in the wrong section. So far over 70 people have viewed the question but no answers.

    Trying a more full description on the Home-build solutions subject area.

    But if you have any ideas, please comment here, or look at the following for more information.
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