Will scheduled tasks run if I'm on welcome screen ?

Hi. My ISP provides me unlimited downloads from 2 am to 8 am, so I've scheduled my programs using the Windows scheduler like this

2:03 AM - Disconnect internet
2:04 AM - Connect internet
2:05 AM - Run uTorrent
7:55 AM - Disconnect internet

In uTorrent properties, I've configured it to download only between 2AM and 8AM even if the program runs all day. I'd have set it to run b/w 2:05 and 7:55, but uTorrent allows you to schedule only in hours, no minutes.

So my question is, if I login and then use Win + L to go to the welcome screen, will everything work as specified ? (With the 'run only when logged in' option disabled in scheduler).

My cause for concern is that my ISP charges insanely high prices/MB if you step beyond your monthly quota of 1.5 GB. Since my download speed is 2 mbps, I could download triple my monthly quota in one 2-8 session. And if anything goes wrong and the computer does not pause/disconnect on time, my bill could increase by 4 times or more.

PS : Everything runs fine when I'm logged on, but I have to log off. The thing is I'm curing my net addiction, so I've had my mom set up a password, and I should be surfing only during short intervals. The thing is I cannot shut my computer at night, coz I have to seed what I downloaded (It takes 7-8x the time to seed, compared to the download time).
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    Windows + L just locks the current session. It does not log you out. As long as you don't log out, the task scheduler will run.
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