How long should it take to rebuild a 500 gig hard drive in an aray

I have a 2 drive raid with ST3500418AS Drives. I had a drive go bad so I put a Back up in and started a rebuild. I started the rebuiled in Thursday at 11:00 AM and as of today it is only at 75% complete. I really don't think it should take this long to rebuild and 500 gig HD.
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  1. It takes about 1.5 hours to rebuild my RAID1, comprised of 2 WD 500GB, 2/3 full, using Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
  2. If your system is very busy reading and writing to the drives then a rebuild can take a lot longer depending on how the controller prioritizes things. But 3 or 4 days does seem awfully extreme.
  3. Hi!

    It would be very nice to hear more about the software and hardware of your config.

    1.5 hrs to re-build RAID1 on a 2/3 full pair of 500 GB drives is a nice performance - I am currently using a NSLU2 device and when I changed the backup drive, it took over 56 hours to do a disk 1 to disk 2 backup of about 568 GB.

    (This is a 2004 era gadget that has 2 USB ports and 1 ethernet ports, it shares the contents of the USB drives over ethernet and can be configed - as I have done - where one drive gets a daily backup from the other, a cheap approximation to a true RAID1 system)

    The performance of this thing sucks and I need to figure something new.

    Any help you can offer is appreciated
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