Running a 4870 and a 9600gt for physx??

Reading though physx related posts, I stumbled upon this article that suggested multi GPU for physx
Would it be possible to run a 4870 with a 9600gt and dedicate the 9600gt for physx processing only?
The reason I ask it because I have a Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Mobo and Im attempting to get the most out of my system while processing physx. Age of Empires 3, Mass Effect, Crysis are just spectacular with it enabled. The other option is to SLI my existing 9600gt. Any suggestions??
Thank you ahead of time
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  1. I believe it is possible with Windows XP, but not Vista. The reason is that you cannot run ATI and Nvidia drivers at the same time with Vista.
  2. ^^ Agreed. Unless they made the PhysX driver seprate, you can't do it under Vista. Blame M$ for making Windows a system that doesn't scale...
  3. So then the best option for me would be to sli my rig?

    AM2 5000+ BE
    M2N-SLI Deluxe
    MSI N9600GT OC
    2Gig DDR2 Ram
    600W PSU
    160 gig hdd
  4. thats what it looks like
  5. Yep it's possible, but currently only under XP as mentioned.

    They are seeing if there's a work-around, but progress on this stuff is incredibly slow and secretive since it's outside of both nVidia and AMD's wants.
  6. How about support for multiple drivers at once? Seriously, all these things windows can't do...

    Whoever makes a linux distribution that can replicate DLL/EXE is my hero.
  7. Crysis doesn't support Physx...
  8. Who ever need this physx? Just get 4870 and play Crysis as you will never do that with 9600GT SLI apart from supporting or not physx.
  9. gamerk316 said:
    How about support for multiple drivers at once? Seriously, all these things windows can't do...

    Works under XP and could work under Vista if M$ allowed it.

    It's not what it can do, it's what they let you do, and since it doesn' work under Unix, Linux, etc and is of little value right now, I don't find it to be a major issue versus having a bazillion random drivers working at the same time.

    The biggest issue is the IHV's reactions in laptops which is essentially to not offer drivers after purchase.

    For PhysX if it's a big deal, then going wiht XP is fine for most and preferable to many. I'd think going to non-windows would be more painful and basically kill the idea completely.
  10. I think the last game that showed any promise using physx was UT3, and that quickly showed to be not worth anyone's time (Referring to the Physx effects, not the game itself).

    I honestly wouldn't stress myself over having a Physx-capable rig, 98% of the gamers don't and they are playing just fine at max settings. The more time passes the more I think Physx is just a nice badge under nvidia's belt to say they support the technology and nothing else, especially since I haven't heard of any upcoming good titles supporting Physx.

    EDIT: In fact, The biggest title of 2008, Left 4 Dead, uses Havok, which is processed on the CPU.
  11. Sorry about throwing in Crysis in there...I must have had it on the brain. And you are all right, physx isnt something to get all bent out of shape about..., but I tell you what. playing Age of Empires 3 and Mass effect with physx is pretty sweet. I noticed a clear difference with how flags/cloth and explosion debris reacted with in the game. There was a different level of immersion that wasn't there before.
    I think I'll stick to the $100 SLI upgrade, but the idea of running two, ATI and Nvidia, gpu's on the same PC just sounds alien to me...and something neat to try.
    Thank you all again
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