My Sata Being Read As SCSI

Hi im am having issues with my Sata hard drive . i have an Asus A8V Mobo, dual Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 gb hard drives (only one installed due to my one Sata port broke off) and it has Windows 7 installed but it is sooo slow ... i open device manager and i look at hard disks and it shows my hard drive as this (WDC WD50 00AAKS-00V1A0 SCSI Disk Device)

My Computer is rough like Running soo slow .. i cant multi task (like surf the net and listen to music with out the sound Cuttin in and out) my transfer rate is brutal( i downloaded VIA V-Raid which was 42 mb in a zip file and it took 4 min to unzip ) when on my normal Western digital caviar blue 160 gb IDE it woulda been done and installed in 4 min. can any1 help me figure this out?
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  1. You may have a PIO issue, could you download HDTune and post a screenshot of its basic benchmark? Let it finish so we can see the CPU utilization during the test. That will tell if you have a PIO issue. PIO will slowdown your disk like its a floppy drive. :P
  2. How do i post a screen shot i did the test i have the screen shot dont know how to upload it !
  3. No PIO issue there. This is your system drive? Could you test you other drive too?

    You're using VIA SATA controller by the way, pretty old. But still up to 100MB/s performance so you shouldn't have extreme slowdowns as you say. Are you running some kind of anti-virus software? Can you try to disable it and see if it changes performance?

    Do post a screenshot of your other drive please, if it is doing PIO then it may slowdown the whole system.
  4. My other port is broken .. im only running the one sata drive . when i open WDL (westerndigital Data Lifeguard ) it shows it has enabled S.M.A.R.T and everything is fine with the hard drive .. and my antivirus is Microsoft Essentials ... it uses 1,712 k of my 2gb of memory .... Now when i open up Via V-Raid App this is what it shows me under my hard drive that is noticed.

    Physical Postion Controller 0, Channel 1, Master
    Array postion not in any array
    Device Status Normal
    General Config Sata
    Serial Number wd-wcawf0941542
    Firmware revision 05.01d05
    Model Name wdcwd50000aaks-00v1ao
    Cylinder number 16383
    Header Number 16
    Sector number per track 63
    Capacity 476,940 MB (976,773,168 sectors)
    Current Transfer Mode DMA

    So still it shows its sata in the Via v-raid app but in device manager it shows scsi and still slow even with my new via drivers...
  5. And one last thingi have just managed to come accross after i wrote the last message....

    when i look at available hard drives under WDL it says exactly this

    "Drive # 1 , Model Number WDC WD5000AAKS-OOV1A0 (IDE)
    Serial Number WD-WCAWF0941542 , Capacity 9 GB , SMART Status PASS"

    as i said it is a 500 gb SATA drive not a 9 gb IDE ..... and this is the program that Western digital gives you off there site for my hard drive!!!!!
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