1tb External Hard Drives without RAID

Hi all,

I'm shopping around for a 1tb external HDD and I'm having a hard time discerning which ones are actually two 500gb drives in a RAID and which ones are just a single hard drive. I'm looking for an external that is just one large drive because -and correct me if I'm wrong- I understand that data recovery from a RAID 0 configuration is near impossible should one of the drives malfunction or the controller go bad.

Does anyone know of a good 1tb external drive that is not a RAID?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Why don't you just buy an external casing for 3,5" SATA HDD -> USB connection, which should be very cheap, and then buy a 1TB HDD separately.

    I suggest chosing a 5400rpm HDD for lower heat/power consumption. You may also look for newer USB3 or eSATA casings, that can provide more performance than USB2 (~25MB/s in reality).
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