Need solid/cheap SLI motherboard

is this good for it's price!?
seems good to me for a 780i
also, will a hx620 corsair run 2x260 gtxs? not enough juice and need to order more 6pin connectors??
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  1. That's a no brainer. Saves you $50. Dell offers free shipping. It's an Evga board. A1 is the best for overclocking.

    The HX620 has 2 6+2 PCI-E & 10 molex connectors. Out of the box, it can hook to a GTX 260. The gpu comes with 1-2 molex-to-pci-e adapters. Each adapter uses 2 molex cables. In total, that's 2 PCI-E & 4 molex. The psu has more than that.

    If the gpu doesn't come with adapters, you can get them:

    For 1 GTX 260, 500W psu is recommended. For SLI, 700W. Actual will be lower. Examples:,2007-25.html
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