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I need a 1tb external hdd within five days from now, what is the best i can get? My price range is a little above $100. recommendations would be very much appreciated!

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  1. In terms of the hardware, IMHO there's not all that much difference between the drives in terms of reliability or speed. What's probably more important is to choose a drive that has the features you expect to need. Features could include:

    - choice of interfaces. USB 2.0 is fairly standard but slow - eSATA will be much faster if your computer has an eSATA port and you don't mind the relatively short cables that you have to use with eSATA. USB 3.0 is just starting to become available and for external drives will be similar to eSATA in performance. You may want to buy a drive that supports both eSATA and USB for maximum flexibility in the future.

    - packaged software. If you don't already have a backup package then some drives come with backup software included.

    - bells and whistles such as a button to automatically start backups or folder synchronization or a built-in USB hub. I personally prefer just a simple, no-frills drive but you may find a use for features such as this.
  2. I'd buy this (have 2 of them already):

    And stick any drive you have lying around in it.....either that or buy a Seagate 7200.12 or Samsung F3
  3. OK, thanx, it helps a lot!
  4. I have the same setting then Jack and it's very usefull , with an Esata you have a lot of os. Juste be sure to power off the thing before moving your HD, just in cause something happen. I used it most of the time for backup with acronis true image.
  5. Hello every one..
    I am looking for the best External (HDD) out there That is Waterproof and shockproof.
    I have personally searched different websites And it kept mentioning 2 brands as the best :-
    1- ADATA DashDrive 1TB HD710 Military-Spec USB 3.0
    2- Silicon Power Armor A80 1TB USB 3.0 Milintary Grade.
    So is it true that These are the best out there?
    If yes, Which of them is better? 
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