Best Video Card Selection?

What is the best video card out of this list? Or could I do better for my computer? Is there anythin else I need to know before purchasing one these video cards?

My Specs

Monitor: DELL E173FP [Monitor] (17.1"vis, s/n D542858P091S, August 2005) 1280 x 1024
Motherboard = Asrock 775Dual-880 Pro
Intel (R)
Pentium 4 3.00 GHz
2.99GHz 2GB of RAM (DDR 2 PC2 4200)
Current Graphics Card = Matrox Graphics Millenium II PCI
Power Supply = Model LC-8460BTX, 450W
Windows XP Professional
Direct X 9.C
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  1. ATI Radeon 4850 or Geforce 9800GTX+ should be suffice
  2. my motherboard doesn't support those video cards...only games i want to play on this computer is Gears of War, Far Cry, and what video card would be sufficient that is supported on my mobo?
  3. hmm.. go with GeForce 7800GTX. It's the best card your mobo can support.
  4. bump...I can't find that video card on newegg or tigerdirect...can anyone help? is this really the best card that my mobo can support since i can't find it on those sites?
  5. Which country are you in?

    According to asrock the best graphic card that your mobo supports is the 7800GTX. I rekon you upgrade your mobo and stay away from asrock because even though they're overclockable, their PCI-E video card is very limited. I went with asrock at first thinking it was cheap but I got screwed over and swapped it with a Asus P5Q motherboard. My mobo was 4CORE2DUAL-SATA which did not support PCI-E gen 2.0 bios which ment 8800GT cards and up were not supported and I had to flash it to a Gen1 Bios to get it to work which if I didn't have another mobo at home that supports Gen2 bios my card would've been toast.
  6. I'm in the USA, how bout the 8600GT or 8600GTS that are on the list also, aren't those better?
  7. Depends whether or not you're going with vista. If you're staying on XP till Windows 7 arrives, then 7800GTX will easily overpower a 8600GT or GTS.

    The power of 8600GT/GTS is equivalent to 7600GT/GTS with a bit more power but not significant.

    The major change in the 8000 series is that it includes DX10.

    I think that series might have been discontinued.

    I've found an ebay link that might help you|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
  8. Actually, I'm quite sure the Radeon X1900XT is better than the 7800GTX in games. So go for that if you can find it. Either one will be fine.
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