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Yesterday, I replaced my E6600 with an E8400(3.0ghz) and also installed a Xigmatek S1283 cooler. Wow, what a difference in operating temps, both at idle and under load. I'm wondering if the readings are accurate...

Before upgrade, cpu was running at @ 50c idle and @ 60 to 70c under load. Now, the readings are @ 23c, and after a half hour of my son and I playing "COD WaW" the temp is still @ 23c!!! Possible?? Readings taken w/ latest ver of "RealTemp". Temps with "CPUID" were 38c under load.

The issue now is temp of our video card, the nVidia 8800GTS...that is the oven right now... @ 75c temp after COD... Solution? There is a side-fan there, which will be upgraded soon w/ a Minebea (76cfm). Was just web-surfing and got a "BSD" and then re-boot...temp was @ 70c on the GPU.

Also, should I have have long-term concerns with the weight of this Xigmatek cooler on possible cracking of the MB? I installed it w/ the Xigmatek backplate.

Thx for any input....
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  1. My best advice is to leave it alone once it's in place. On my system, the difference between the bios temps and coretemp is about 18 degrees c. I honestly don't know which is more accurate. If temps are a problem, they will show up under load when gaming, often in the form of artifacts on the screen.
  2. When you have large conflicting differences of temperature, you should calbrate them:

    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide


    For graphics cards:

    80-90ºC is average
    115ºC is threshhold
    127ºC burnout
  3. 8800:
    You could try removing the dust, reapplying thermal paste and adjusting the fan to 100% with Rivatuner.

    Tell us about your power supply.
    Also tell us about your memory.
    You could try running memtest86+ for errors.
  4. Thx, guys...

    For vid card, will use RiveTuner to crank up fan speed. I'm also getting 3 new 120x25mm case fans I hope...prob Minebea #4710KL's (75cfm) and a fan controller.

    Asus P5B-D "1237" bios
    E8400 (not OC'd yet)
    Corsair 6400c4 (4-4-4-12) 4 gig
    nVidia 8800GTS (640mb)
    PC Power & Cooling 610W PS
    LianLi A16 case

    For some reason, I cannot put my system specs into my sig... maybe because I'm new to posting at this forum...
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