I want to learn more about overlocking, please help me ><

Hi all,

I am guessing that most of the people are really good at these stuffs, and I really would like I learn something from you guys.

What is overclocking? I know it is when you tweak your CPU so that it goes over the speed that the manufacture has specified. But does it damage the component itself? What are the "benchmark tests"?

I guess I should ask the simplest question first, how do you overclock a CPU?

I also saw an article showing the results of overclocking the Core i5-750, and when it showed the results, it was grouped into "OC" and "OC no c-state", what does that mean?

I know I sound stupid to you guys, but I really need all your help, there no teacher that understand these stuffs in my school, not to mention the students.

Thank you all very much for taking your time and reading my questions, I would appreciate all the answer that are given, I will be very thankful.

(P.S. Any other information you think I need to know about CPU and overclocking, please do tell me, it's be very appreciated ^^)

Once again, thank you all!
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  1. theres an overclocking guide somewhere around here, ocing is usually done by increasing the base clock, but it can also be accomplished by increasing the multiplier in unlocked processors, someone post a link to the guide
  2. overclocking is usually the processes of increasing the CPU multiplier to gain performance, You overclock a CPU either in the bios setting or from, the os using a downloaded program. For overclocking causes more heat, and may damage the CPU, usually the cpu shuts down before getting damaged . To combat the extra heat, you should use an aftermarket cooler, air (a fan) or a a liquid loop. Benchmark tests show how fast or powerfull a computer is through calcuation tests
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