Evga 9600gt driver fan issue

Here is my problem just wondering if anyone else with card has this problem. Have Evga 9600gt SC 725mhz core 900mhz memory.

Driver versions:

175.19 everything works OK

177.79 and 178.13 fan goes to full blast when computer goes to standby/sleep. Other than that all works OK. My only concern is my card isn't performing as well as it could. I was reading that these newer drivers can provide some performance increases.

I like things to work at their full potential and I also like to be environmentally concious at the same time, But it appears I can't have that, unless their is something else wrong. So for me its 1 or the other.
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  1. jimbonewbie your could try using ntune by nvidia:http://www.nvidia.com/object/sysutility.html I use it on my 9800gtx and set it @ 40% fan speed.that may help you out.I like to keep my gpu cool while gamming and it works pretty good.
  2. Yeah I know I can manually set the fan speed usinga utility but I also like having my system run quiet as well. The thing is I use ntune to both underclock and overclock depending on what I am doing. For the most part I have it underclocked at 400mhz core and leave memory as is. What gets me is I can always go back to the older driver and have the fan stay silent when I put it to sleep w/o doing anything.

    I've read places that you can use a utility like driver cleaner pro or similar to uninstall drivers, and to not let windows uninstall drivers. Then start in safe mode and install the drivers, but I don't have any visual anomolies or crashes.
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