1:1 Ratio how to pick the memory speed based on CPU/FSB?

Hey guys thanks for replies on my other post.

If I have a E8500 FSB 1300 Intel C2D whats the best memory that I should get to try and get a 1:1 ratio? would it be DDR3 1333?

I have a ASRock P45 TS-R but I am switching it out and I hear ASUS P5Q3 boards are really picky with memory I currently have OCZ Platinum DDR3 1333 / 10666 memory 2x2gb is this correct for this cpu?

thanks again you guys rock for advice.
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  1. For a 1:1 ratio, RAM will be half the speed of your rated FSB.

  2. the key is max perrmance
    you should run it a 400fsb
    ddr1600 with 7-7-7 or 7-7-6 timings at 1.88-1.92v

    1333 bus is sales thing for intel for oems who do not oc

    at 1333 you need fractual timing so you maybe forced to 6-6-6

    your mem bandwidth suffers plus the 380-400fsb is optimal for most easy peple and simple oc

    why do you think the fnal part at $1500 was a 1600mhz part?

    above 400fsb you need to fine tune more, you hit fsb holes - below 400fsb any intel mobo will run that with p35 x38 45 etc

    asus mobos are not picky on memory users do not know how to build a computer. i use all major brands no issues ocz super talent patriot and all the high end makers

    if you have issues: put in one stick and adjust your voltage, reboot with both sticks - change the fsb - tune the system
    last lock in timings
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