Does my PSU suffice a XFX GTX260 c216?

I recently bought the XFX GTX260 c216 black edition for better gaming,but also bought this PSU from newegg think it being 750w would be a perfect fit with single or even sli gtx 260 setup since it also mentioned that it's 9800GX2 sli certified.But just to be safe,I didnt have experience with a GTX260 or above GPU before,so please comment on this: GPU:

Thank you!
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  1. With power supplies, you usually get what you pay for. Most good 750W PSUs will run at least $150, and normally higher than that. It may power your GTX 260 Core 216, but I don't think I'd use it in my computer. You can't trust Newegg reviews, but one on the first page specifically said they had a problem with this PSU and a GTX 260. I'd stick with a more reliable brand for a power supply, such as (at the very least) an upper-end Thermaltake, or better, a Antec, Silverstone, Corsair/Seasonic, or PC Power & Cooling.
  2. yeah it should do fine with one... probably even two

    But is english your native language? look at your title several times and tell me whats wrong with it
  3. Yea of course.I was in a hurry to type it out before I went to work this morning,but anyways I'm pretty sure the total output is enough but just a bit skeptical on the +12V rail,since some rumors said that a GTX260 would require 30A,so please enlighten me on that matter :)
  4. If you combine the amperage on each of the 12V rails, it's 76 Amps. So you should be ok.
  5. Logically they will work,but since it has 4xpci-e connectors,would they count as 19 amps each only or combine as many as I need to connect to gtx260?I think GTX260 usually require 2xpci-e connectors?So in a combination of two connectors i would end up with 38 amps which sounds okay,am I right ?
  6. you can run 2 gtx260 on a good quality 500-600w. so that psu is overkill i would suggest spending less.
  7. I know the total output for my system is enough,my only concern was each of the +12V Rail(PCI-E) listed as 19 amps each,but my XFX GTX260 black has a 550W and 36amps requirement,so if it counts as 2x19amps(2x6pin connectors connected to GPU)that'd be enough,but if that 36amps means 36 each connector then it'd be a different story.
  8. I just read the requirements on the XFX GTX260's box,it says that it needs a 550W+,and a +12V Rail with 40A current,and on my PSU It says that it's 750W,but has 4x6pin pci-e connectors(+12V Rails) which is 19A each,and the GTX260 will run with 2x6pin power connectors,so even if it combines 2x19A(2x6 pin),I'd still be 2A short,would that be a problem?
  9. Guys,

    The GTX 260 is rated at 182W (found at nVidia's website). The math says 182W/12V = 15.16 Amps. The rumors about this card needing 30A are just plain ridiculous and not founded on any facts.
  10. +1 for kzVegas .... and .... tim924 don't forget that the PSU you mention is NOT a true multirail PSU, it's just a single rail split cheap PSU. I highly agree with chedrz : " you usually get what you pay for ". For your own good, don't save when it's coming to purchase a PSU , chose a high quality brand.
    Suggestions : Corsair, Antec, Silverstone Strider series, etc
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