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my pc keeps on crashing when i'm gaming. I got a 8800gt and i suspect it could be the fan not speeding up..any ideas??
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  1. alot of ideas.

    case clean?
    is the case at least painted a little bit?
    take a peek in the back of psu, what do you see..

    verify fan just by running and looking.
    check vid card heatsink...

    someone somewhere thinks 70s C is normal, it is not.

    pagefile on two different drives does goofy thing like this if mismatched hard drives, Alot of ideas...

    before the underpowered argument.
  2. You can use evga precision to monitor temps and fan speed.

    But first check if ithe fan is even running.

    What happens when it crashes? Do you get a bubble pop up that says "nvl.... has failed and has succesfully restarted"?

    It may be time to clean out your case and maybe even take apart your GPU.
  3. Your choices:

    1-after market cooler.

    2-use rivatuner and just adjust the fan speed to higher.
    my fan works always at 45% i get 50c idle. while at load it runs at 75% n maintain 70c

    3- Update the video BIOS with one that will change the fan speed based on temp

    But I found out it not much of help since I've tried to increase it to 100% by using RivaTuner and now I've replaced it with TT DuOrb and works just GREAT, reducing my idle temp from 59C to 43C and full load from 75C to 53C.
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