DVD Drive freezes PC

Whenever I have a CD/DVD ROM connected to my motherboard, my PC will freeze intermittently. If the drive is unplugged, there is never any problem (has been unplugged for months now). I tried a different drive and it still freezes randomly. I've tried all the different SATA ports with the same results.

I'm not sure what the problem is. When the drive is connected, and I have to reboot, sometimes at post there is a long bit of random symbols and numbers where my drive should be identified (different numbers and symbols every time). This is what first led me to believe the freezing was due to the drive and the subsequent disconnection of the drive.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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  1. please if you will, a little more info. r u using a sata cdrom drive. some sata drives have both power connectors on the back. that is to say, there will be the sata cable port, and an sata power port in addition to a standard 4 pin molex connector. if this is ur situation make sure u use one or the other power supply options. do not connect both. BIG mistake. also make sure ur bios is properly configured. some bioses like mine have the option to turn off certain ports if not in use. so lets say you have saa port 3 disabled and have something plugged into it, there may be a conflict as the bios says nothing there but the os says ther is.
    post back and let me know how this turns out and if ive helped you at all.
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