8800gt weird noise..but only sometimes...

Hi everyone,

Its my first time posting here and i figured that this would be the best place to explain my problem! Basically ive got 2 8800GT's in SLI and its all been fine up to now. I bought crysis: warhead and when i play it, one of the card makes a kind of ringing noise whenever there is something on the screen. When it goes black, the noise stops.

But...The weird thing is that if I play any other game, that noise isnt there..which is really confusing me and i have no idea whats going on. I have tried different drivers, SLI bridges.. you name it ive tried it and nothing helps

On games like assasins creed and alone in the dark i can play it on full settings and be fine, but its just crysis.

Asus Striker II Formula
E8500 "Wolfdale" @3.80Gghz
4gb GEIL PC8500C5 1060
2x 8800GT (SLI)
Creative ExtremeMusic
512GB Samsung spinpoint.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

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  1. By ringing noise, are we talking like the cooling fan whining? Or perhaps, an electronic beep/ring sound? With modern video cards, if the PCI-E power cord is not connected properly, they emit a high pitched solid beeping tone when the system powers up.

    It could also be, that Crysis is taxing your GPUs more than other games (which is normal) and your fan may be running at 100% and having trouble cooling your card.
  2. jerreece said:
    It could also be, that Crysis is taxing your GPUs more than other games (which is normal) and your fan may be running at 100% and having trouble cooling your card.

  3. ^Yes, use Rivatuner to up your fan speeds to 100% and see if the sound manifests itself.
  4. I downloaded ntune and set both fans in turn to 100% and the ringing wasnt there. Its weird because it changes pitch depending on how much is being displayed on the screen. like when i run the mouse over the menu options in crysis, it will b a slightly different sound for each one. so im guessing its not the fan and is something electrical? all the temps and clock speeds for both the GPUS are fine. And my cpu and mobo are both at like 20 degrees C!

    I kinda guessed it might be that, but surely the menu would not require so much more GPU power...only the actual game itself??

  5. If you google video card coil cap noise, you'll see loads of complaints about buzzing capacitors or coils. It could be one of the 8800GT's, the power supply, or even the mobo. I replaced an APC Backups UPS hooked up to a quiet PC because it developed an annoying coil buzz.

    I don't know if there is much you can do to cure it apart from replacing the component that makes the noise.
  6. Thanks for all your help. I presume there isnt alot i can do about it? I dont really want to start unscrewing my card and voiding the warranty just in case something breaks or whatever. I have changed the powercable and the socket in the psu and it makes no difference. I mean it isnt the end of the world and it only really happens when i load a game up and then when im playing its fine. its weird.

    but thank you for your help!
  7. Hi, I'm experiancing the same problem too. I baught Crysis (not Warhead) and it all seemed fine but after 2 months playing it, the card started producing noise that like he said differs when on the screen I go to different options but when I start to play the game it all stops. its like electricity making noises because it deffers every time something different is displayed on screen. Is there a solution for this? has anyone else have passed through this problem?
  8. I also have this problem EXACTLY, no solution except to deal with it from what iv found
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