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It's about that time for me to purchase a new computer (Hardcore gaming notebook) and I've done quite a bit of reading around the net and have concluded that the main issue concerning laptop graphics is that the actual Graphic cards (dedicated of course) are bottle-necking the system. Of course, there will always be a bottle-neck somewhere in the hardware, but in any case I was looking for some insight on what I should purchase. I've seen people hinting to new and better mobile graphic cards coming out in 2009, but what will those be? Names, Release Quarters, etc? I'm totally okay with holding off purchasing a new laptop until sometime next year if need be.

PS: from what ive heard 2x Nvidia 8800 GTX's in sli are pretty much the top of the line atm for mobile, but better is certainly wanted.
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  1. If you want the highest end, go on
    best laptops, no garbage software and you can even go for XP.

    If you want a little more customized for gaming, then you have the ASUS G50 and the G70 and the even more extreme G71.
  2. I know alienware is basically the same as dell nowadays. However, I considered Sager notebooks and Killer notebooks. Those are really great companies i've heard of. You can also look into falcon northwest
  3. Thank you for the replies. On a more specific note, does anyone know of a better mobile graphics card coming out in 2009 than what is currently offered? I'd rather hold off and get it if that be the case. Thanks again.
  4. Well, they're transitioning to 40nm, which means lower power consumption and lower thermals, both big things for notebooks, so I imagine there'll be some pretty sweet cards released, likely near the end of the first half of 2009. Not actual information, but that's what I, personally, am thinking.
  5. I see.

    Would anyone else happen to have any more information on the 40nm based mobile graphics cards?

    Mucho gracias.
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