Core i7 Build: WHAT MEMORY TO BUY? 1333 vs. 1600?

What Memory Should I Buy For A Core i7 920 Build With A Mild Over Clock In Mind?

1333? or 1600?

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  1. Give this article a read - I came across this yesterday. Also, make sure you check out the comments as there's been some good conversation back and forth.
  2. I bought this ram for my new i7 920 build...

    I just want to know i'll be ok with it as this is my first build and know nothing about overclocking... What can I overclock the 920 to with this ram???
  3. You should be good with that. I'm also building an i7 920. I've built about 5 PCs over the last few years, but haven't dove into overclocking yet, so I wouldn't be a good person to ask about overclocking. This is the RAM I bought yesterday, which is basically the same as yours, but the one I got has a little less latency.
  4. By the way - what motherboard are you going to use? I'm going with a Gigabyte, but kinda deciding between the EXTREME, UD5, and UD4P.
  5. dknumberone said:
    By the way - what motherboard are you going to use? I'm going with a Gigabyte, but kinda deciding between the EXTREME, UD5, and UD4P.

    Yes Gigabyte is an awesome brand, easier to use and overclock, which is why after tons of research I went with them.

    I bought the UD5. The only difference I can tell from the Extreme and the UD5 is the large (IMO) unnecessary cooling, and a real time on board bios controller (which I would never use). There is a very very insignificant if any performance gain from the Extreme vs. UD5. They are the same board.

    Go with the UD5.

    That OCZ ram you bought looks fine, but watch that voltage at 1.65 if you plan to do any overclocking, because 1.65v is max for i7.

    I know the 6-gig 1333 G.Skill ram I bought will work perfectly fine, my question is, Would I see Any difference in performance from 1600, or a tick faster CAS?
  6. Yeah, I'm not too concerned with overclocking the RAM; I'm moreso looking into the CPU. But, thanks for the heads-up.

    I know what you're saying about the boards and I am kinda leaning towards the UD5; The only big reason for me going the EXTREME route would be that it is designed for water cooling, which I kinda want to do. My main goal is to make a silent PC and I was considering the watercooling for the processor.

    As far as you RAM goes, if you checked out that article I pointed you to, they basically said at the conclusion that the advantages of faster memory were so slim that even if you had your machine stressed out processing for an entire year that the difference in speed would only be a few minutes. They even have some 800 RAM on there and the difference in speed wasn't even *that* much.
  7. Yeah, I just read that tech report article too. I only care about gaming pc's. My gaming pc is a 100x more powerful than I need for everything else I do besides gaming.

    From what I gathered:
    1. Spend your money on video cards (duh)
    2. Next spend your money on getting that i7 at it's highest clock (duh)
    3. After you have at least 3 gigs of triple channel ram at 1066, your ram won't be holding you back.

    I'm still learning about the i7 though. I would guess that 6 gigs doesn't game any better than 3 gigs.

    Thoughts? DDR3 is expensive. This is money that could be put into the GPU.
  8. If you get triple cannel RAM then the difference in 1333 and 1600mhz will be minimal. Ya you would see SOME differences but only under extremely intense situations. Go with the 1333 RAM, simply because it is cheaper and you can overclock it to 1600. And if you are going to overclock your RAM then get RAM that has a slower stock clock than 1333.
  9. This may be a dead post but I'm just wondering why people still keep on saying 965 is not worth it and 920 still a good choice if you don't have these benefits?

    My Question now is if you OC 920 to same as 965 then everything will be equal?
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