Upgrading a new laptops hard drive.

I just got an Asus n61j. i7 laptop.

It shipped with an hitachi hard drive. I've never heard much good, nor experienced much good with any hitachi hard drive.

I've been working at a laptop company (a really crappy one called pc laptops) for a couple years, and have only had experience with their laptop drives, which are the cheapest WD drives you can get.

What I would like to know is this; is this hard drive: Hitachi HTS725032A9A 320gb hard drive any good?

if not really what would be a fast, quiet, and cool hard drive to replace it with? (battery life is of no concern to me)

Thanks in advance =D
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  1. Not sure of date list was compiled

    or this list


    From google

    If looking for performance AND can afford, get a SSD. Didn't look if your Laptop supports 2 HDD, Mine did not so went with a 120 Gig SSD and a esata enclosure for storage when AC is available. Also have a 32 gig Thumb drive for travel.
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