NVIDIA XFX GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radion Sapphire 3650? wich is gaming


for gaming?
im mostly going to be on first person shooters.
( CoD4 CS:S and most HL2 games. )
im not going to be doing Blu-ray or watching movies or anything like that. and i have a 300W PSU
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  1. Given your budget and restrictions this might be a better choice: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133230

    the 9500GT and it's free shipping with a mail in rebate.

    At this price point none of these cards are "great" for gaming, but they'll suffice for the FPS you're playing.
  2. i dont know.. im still thinking.
    their the same price...with mail-in rebate, and i might get the 8600gt because it got GREAT reviews. and also the 8600gt looks like a decent gaming card ( based off youtube )
  3. Are you sure you can't spend a little more money? I mean you can really get a card that trounces the 8600GT for like $20 more.

    Takes your pick of a Radeon HD 4670.

    Or try the 9600GSO on for size.

    Seriously, the two cards you mentioned are not that great anymore. In fact, they kinda never were.
  4. alright thanks would this be good?

    and would it work on a 300W PSU?
  5. ok, whatever you do DO NOT get the 8600gt, i was very unhappy with that card when i first had it. exact same one that your interested in actually. it was extremely underpowered and i soon regretted not saving up for something slightly more mainstream. now i have a 3870 and couldnt be happier....
    although a 4870 would be nice =DD

    if anything, go with the 3650 or 9500GT or even that nice 9600gso

    whatever you do, stay away from the 8600gt
  6. would the 4650 be a better choice?
  7. i mean 4670
  8. 4670 is probably the best card out of everything here being mentioned, the only thing is I'm not sure if 300W is enough for it. Let me check.

    It would depend on what the rest of your setup is, but I think you can run the 4670 with 300W. Some review sites has stressed systems with this card and couldn't break 210W of power usage, so I'd say there's a good chance.
  9. next time dont go to youtube, or if you do make it an up to date video not one from 2 years ago where the 8600 was kinda all right

    nah probably all ways been crap
  10. yehhh, 300W is cutting it pretty close, but i have a soulution for your problem: http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

    just enter everything your rig has in it and see how much power you would be using with that particular graphics card:)
    hope that helps ya
  11. Take a look at this

    Asus 4670

    Same intial cost as that 8600GT, but of course without the rebate. The 8600GT is a rather weak card, but then it's stronger than the 3650. Still, the Radeon 4670 is just so much faster. If you want to be really cheap though then you can always go with a 9500GT, which is just a die shrunk and faster clocked 8600GT. Still looks very weak compared to the Radeon 4670 though.
  12. Yeah, the radeon 4670 trounces all of the above, except the 9600GSO, which it's very close to, but consumes ~20 watts less (which could easily be the difference between you having enough power and not having enough power). I'd go with the 4670 (I have one).
  13. ok thanks guys
  14. I just built a rig with a 4670.
    Just finished it.

    e8400 4.2
    e4670 stock
    4G ram
    Vista ultimate 64
    500G HDD

    8600 3dmark06 score.
  15. im just scared my PSU couldn't handle it
  16. ima start a new thread so i can get a direct answer on the PSU question...
  17. rangers said:
    next time dont go to youtube, or if you do make it an up to date video not one from 2 years ago where the 8600 was kinda all right

    nah probably all ways been crap

    lol!! agreed xD
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