New Gaming PC parts list, last check before order

Use is primarily Gaming. Ordering today so I can get it before WAR launch (I hope). I already have an Antec 300 and an Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU, and some decent Logitech Speakers. All parts off newegg.

CPU: Intel e8500
CPU HSF: Scythe Katana II
HSF Paste: Arctic Silver
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DSL
Ram: 4 gigs G.Skill ddr2 800
GPU: MSI ati4850
HDD: Samsung 7200.11 500G
Optical: Sata Combo drive
Monitor: Acer 22inch
Mouse: Logitech G5
Keys: Logitech G11

Grand total comes out to just under $1k.

Any thoughts before I build? The only thing I would pay up for is maybe a p45 mobo if someone can convience me, other than that Im pretty much at the top of my budget.

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  1. Nice build, only nitpick is HD. Read this short review/comparison about 320GB hard drives which should be applicable to the 500GB.
    If there's a chance of crossfire in the future is the only reason i'd change to the P43/45. So you're talking about an extra $20 with the Foxconn and Biostar.
    Those are pretty nitpicky though, good build.
  2. well i'd actually see if you can squeeze in a little bit more for a 4870

    at 1680 res it will be better

    i don't know if you plan to overclock... but if you do then i'd get the xigamatek 1283

    if you don't plan on overclocking i'd get the e8400 and drop the after market heat sink, also its only .16 ghz off of the e8500

    and ditch the g11 keyboard, its about 30 bucks more than keyboards w/o a lcd screen... you don't need an lcd screen on a keyboard... most 10 $ keyboards have extra keys and 20 dollar ones are usually the best....

    with that extra 30 or 40 bucks you can easily get a 4870 instead which will make a much bigger difference compared to a standard keyboard and a fancy wancy one

    PS. lol in the time it took to write and research that ^ dirtmountain posted
  3. Check out the Western Digital 640 GB HDD for only $80-85 - great performance and price per gig.
  4. Thanks for the good replys, I dont really plan to ever use crossfire, so ill stick with my current mobo.

    Great idea about dropping a few parts down to upgrade my GPU, ill keep the g11- the g15 is the one with the dumb lcd screen, the g11 just has macro keys that I want for mmorpgs. I will drop the aftermarket HSF/paste and the CPU to a e8400 to save enough to make the upgrade to a 4870.

    As for HDDs- I already upgraded to a 500G from a 320G, I dont use a lot of media so I dont think I need the extra space though.

    Great thoughts, thanks for help!
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