New Samsung SH-223F Problems [Help]

Hello ^_^

I recently stumbled upon a huge problem with my DVD Burner, i just got a new computer a while ago SATA Supported Core 2 Duo Processor and with a Core Quad Motherboad

I am using SATA Supported HardDisk 750GB without any issues but i have been trying to make backups of my PS2 games and am having issues it never works and sometimes freezes the system too, my only option after that is to force restart it, can somebody tell me the issue here?

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, and i have tried many burner applications including nero, imgburn and dvd-decrypter and the end results are same.

Is this a win7 issue or DVD drive issue?

Its been only a been only 1 month since i got this system.
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  1. It doesn't freeze like (i can do some stuff, for example my mouse still works) but when i press the restart button or from the start menu, it doesn't restart or shut down the pc i have to press and hold the button on the cpu itself for it to restart again.


    Sorry if i sound confusing, but i really hope some one can help me determine the problem here.

    I checked the firmware and it's upto date too :-(
  2. Are the PS2 disks copy protected?

    Can you burn unprotected files to DVD?

    If the answer to both questions is "yes.", there's nothing wrong with your drive.
  3. Hello Jsc,

    How do i know if the disc is copy-protected? :-(

    I also had similar issue with non-ps2 disc, like somedays ago when i was burning some movies.

    Is it normal for it hang / freeze like this if it the disc were copy-protected? (o.O)

    Thanks for your reply ^_^
  4. I also just wanted to point out that i've burned / backed up the PS2 game in the past using a different writer but i sold that one and got this new one :-(
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