Would this 4870 be bottlenecked?

I'm currently running an X2 4200+ at 2.51 ghz, and wondering if such a CPU would bottleneck a 4870? From what i've seen, most games don't even max out the CPU, while my X1800XT struggles greatly. I am thinking along the lines of getting the 4870 now, and a few months from now upgrading the rest of the system when i'm in the US.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The HD4870 will be bottlenecked by the CPU.

    However, you'll still get a lot out of the 4870 over an X1800XT with your setup. Which makes it still a great choice if you plan to just upgrade the GPU.
  2. Yes, it will be bottlenecked.
    You will still have much better performance with it than you do with your 1800XT.
  3. Forgot to ask, what resolution do you game at?

    Go ahead and read that. It gives you a price range plus the resolutions the cards are good for.
  4. Yes, It will bottleneck 4870 :(
    Mine is clocked at 3.2 Ghz and still bottlenecks my 4870, espatially on crysis warhead(this game is huge cpu demanded)
    BUT, you'll notice GREAT performance boost anyway.
    I've upgraded my 3870 to 4870 and noticed 50-60% performance boost, with better cpu it have to be more than 90% but I admit that cpu is bottlenecking my 4870. Can't wait for phenom 45mn release :bounce:
  5. That's right, huge bottleneck. I had a 3800+ x2 and a HD3850 and the performance was decent but after upgrading to a Q6600 it was HUGE!!!
  6. Well if this helps you:

    Old Setup:
    E2160 1.8Ghz Dual core
    HD4870 512MB

    Played Crysis on medium with no AA averaged about 25-30FPS, 1440x900

    New Setup:
    E8500 3.16Ghz Core Duo
    HD4870 512MB

    Much better, Playing Crysis on High with 4x AA about 25-30FPS, 1440x900

    Crysis is definately CPU dependant, in fact its the only game have really gotten a kick out of the new CPU. Only tried COD4 and that seems to run the same :-S.

    Im really keen to test out Far Cry2 and Fallout 3
  7. it will be a slight bottleneck but dont worry.
  8. nice benchmark kim, same speed with my cpu. that will be my performance when i get an HD4870.
    to Chipshardy, the only reason to buy an HD 4870 is to play crysis.
    with other games, 4850 is very good while 9800 GT / 8800 GT is good.
  9. Well I am thinking that perhaps a 4870 will be better for future games, even at that resolution...

    Irregardless, thanks for the input gents. I think i'll just wait until I get the whole system, as depending on how long that takes, new cards may be out!
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