M2N SLI Deluxe Beep code?

Hey, first time poster here on tomshardware, long time viewer. Lots of my previous questions concerning computers have been solved here.

my system spec's are as follows:

Asus M2N SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlonx2 5600+
Crucial Ballistix 2g kit (2x1g) DDR2 RAM @ 800
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS
Seagate Barracuda 160g 7200rpm HDD
Antec 500w PSU

all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my machine refuses to boot. instead, all i get is a very loud, very annoying, Hiss like beep. its constant, no pattern...just hissing.

At first i was thinking ram? thats not the case...i've tested my own, and another kit i've purchased.
Second thought was the power supply? dont think its the case, but it may be...

The video post i get before i get the chance to enter the bios, the beep starts, i can see my processor, but not the ram...freezes before it shows anything.

I think i have it narrowed down to CPU / Mobo.

Any ideas? suggestions?
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  1. checked your temps???ram set for auto[spd],i have the non sli of the m2n mobo,and when i was putting it together i noticed that my crucial ballistic ram was not on the QVL list,,but,, the recommended ram did not work very well the mobo only puts out 1.95 voltage for the ram which is rated at 2.20...HMMM..you might try another psu just to eliminate that possibility..:)
  2. Have you reset the CMOS yet?
  3. i have reset CMOS, didn't help.

    However, i did manage to solve my problem.


    i was sick of waiting and guessing, and i bought a Phenom 9950 Black edition quad core processor and a new M3N72-D Asus board. Booted fine and everything with the video card, i went to get the x64 updates for windows xp, and restarted the machine, and bang. EXACT same problem.

    So i'll be getting on the horn with EVGA concerning this matter. gonna take about 3 weeks or so to get a replacement card -.-
  4. I removed the video card from the new rig, and its fine...just excessively low resolution. so i'm gonna have to live with that while i rebuild the old one to find someone to buy it...
  5. I have problem with motherboard.

    MotherBoard Asus M2N-mx

    I have the same problem and can't solve it.

    all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my machine refuses to boot. instead, all i get
    a beeping, one long and two short

    First I flash bios, but it didn't help.So I replace ram, I thougnt i solve the problem, but in few restart later problem came back.

    Next I replace graphic card, the same situation as ram... I realy don't know what to do. :( Does anybody have any suggestion what coul be wrong?

    tnx for reply.

  6. I found the fix on mine,

    Video card was my problem. Wasn't a beep code, it was defective hardware. Took it out, replaced the card, sold the system.

    Ended up building a phenom 9950 system with an m3n72-d.

    Gave that card to my brother, he dropped it on the floor (carpeted) at waist height. Now the thing works like a charm >.>

    Oh well. Quad core from here on out. As for your M2N-MX ...if you've reseated the video card and the RAM, i'd say reseat the cpu, and test it with another one if at all possible.
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