Ssd and sata 1.5tb hdd

hi i was wounder if there was any thing diffrent i need to do i bought a intel ssd and got a new 1.5tb hdd using the ssd for os any a game the rest of the files i want to go on my sata hdd can i just plug in my 1.5tb drive and start putting programs on it IE: i want my email to be put on there as not to fill up my ssd and i have a bunch of other games too

m/b xfx 790i ultra
mem: atm 4gb ocz ddr3
proc: intel 9550
ssd: intel 40gb
hdd: seagates 1.5tb
vc: xfx gts 250
ps: x3 1000w
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  1. Should be no prolem. Have intel G2 80 gig SSD and 2 500 gig HDDs. Select AHCI in BIOS for SATA operation. Not sure on redirecting email folders to storge drive. SSDs are best used in a win 7 enviorement. If the HDD already has an operating system installed I Would leave HDD drive disconnected and install operating system on SSD.
  2. no its a new unopened hdd thr ssd is already set up in my comp with win 7 on it
  3. Then good to go, just pop that HHD in and enjoy....
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