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Ok I just got all the parts for my new system but have one big question. In the past when building new PCs I used IDE (PATA) CD and Harddrives. My new system is using all SATA devices. Does it matter which SATA port I plug these things into? There are 6 SATA connectors on the new MOBO. With IDE I know that the hard drive had to be plugged into the primary IDE connection however I dont know if the same rules apply with a SATA setup.

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  1. What is the Make of your MB?
    You should have sata and esata ports. Make sure you plug the harddrive in the sata port. I always us port 0 for the hard drive and 1 for the dvd drive. What os are you going to use?
  2. The mother board is a GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 and the OS is going to be Windows Vista Ultimate
  3. The top 2 sata ports is were you would put your hard drive and DVD. Note the Gigabyte sata is a different sata controller good for esata that is for external drive.
    This is on page 7 of your manual. You could plug them in another sata slot as long it is not the Gigabyte sata control but most use satll0 for the hard drive. Are you going to install more than one hard drive? Sata has no master ,slave like ide controler setup. Are you going to install a external dive?

    Satall0 Hard drive
    Satall1 DVD
  4. No Im not installing an external drive
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