hd4850 not ocing well...

I have an ati HD4850 and i war trying to overclock it with riva tunner and ati overclocing tool but it stops at 660 MHZ core(625 stock) and 1040 MHZ memory (993 stock).
But when i use the overdrive utility comming with the driver and set it to auto oc it reaches 700/1100 MHZ and it is artifact free in ati tool stressing.
So I saved the profile and i noticed in the xml file that the auto ocing tool automatically raises the voltages on the card so it runs stable at those speeds.
My question is that there is a tool (except bios modding - too risky) with voltage control for the HD4850, because ati`s overdrive is limited at 700 mhz and i feel that the card is capable for more...
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  1. really hmm... it's changing voltages in overdrive , I didn't know that, anyways you can change card voltage in ati tray tools, you can download it here : http://cid-a50350ea7a969f0c.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/attsetup.exe
  2. When was the last time ati tray tools was updated? The latest version I tried under vista would cause most 3d games to fail to load, really lame. I've always liked ATT the best out of all gpu overclocking utilities, I just wish it was updated more often :(
  3. I have tried already ati tray tools (must bee out of date), but at overclocking if i oc no matter if it is only 1mhz it leads to immediate driver failure and bsod.
  4. the link is to the latest ATT build

    as far as your problem goes, it shouldn't happen... maybe the PSU is to blame ?
  5. What is your OS?

    Gainward Expertool is a fan control which will be needed and AMD GPU clock tool will get you over the CCC limits. I found the Gainward tool doesn't like XP-64 however. I got it to work in Vista-32. I am assuming it doesn't work for Vista 64 either. If you have an OS 64 let me know and I will help you out since there is a way to use CCC and the AMD clock tool.
  6. bump.

    I have similar issue

    I have ati 4850 with aftermarket heatsink and the card is not stable if I go higher than 660/1048. When I let the CCC do the overclocking it takes the card to 700/12xx and the card is simply not stable and no my temps dont exceed 60c since it has aftermarket heatsink on it.

    I'm typing this from class so I don't have option to try those programs you gave links to increase the voltage on the card so it would be most stable when you oc.

    SpinachEater (ew spinach?! :x) mentioned that the program doesn't like 64bit OS. I have vista 64 bit home edition haha. Well I will update when I get home and install that program and see what happens.

    I hope you guys can help me increase the voltage for the card so I can have it running at 700core. And no I dont want to do physical tweaks on the card lol
  7. I was able to reach 700 and 1100 for memory with 2 HD4850 in CF with no problems. I'm using rivatune for the fan speed and ATI toll for OC. Mine is set at 45% for both of them. 47c idle and 58C load. Make sure you have a good power supply that also makes a difference.
  8. i have 530w psu. q6600@ 3.4ghz and a single 4850...I think thats enough for that system :p
  9. I have XP64 and an HD4870. This trick should work with the 4850 as well but you won't be able to copy and paste my profile that I set up because the voltages probably won't be the same. I prefer to use CCC to control the fan and AMD GPU clock tool to OC past CCC limits. I take my 4870 up to 830MHz with this trick. I leave the memory at a modest setting because I don't want to overheat it.

    Read below to get the gist of the trick.

    Everything should be the same except for the overdrive profile and the actual overclock setting. What you can do is look at the profile that I posted and you can see that you need to delete the GPU and Memory clock sections in your overdrive profile. Change your fan speed and leave the rest as is. I am not saying it is the best but I like to use this method, it is pretty stable.

    If you test it out, let me know how it goes with the 4850.
  10. I followed your instructions on thred you gave link to

    The ati tools give me hard times. I see that square spinning and showing fps, When I want to get new clocks (I wanted to try 800/1100) and I click on *set clocks* and nothing happens....the sliders go back showing 0.00 :/
  11. Just a heads up, 800 is a hair over the 790 limit for the 4870 so I chose that number to be on the safe side. I wouldn't set te 4850 to 800MHz.
    If the CCC limit for the 4850 is 700 I would test out 705 just to make sure you have the overclocking working correctly.

    If you look through GPUz, can you get an OC of like 705 with the correct fan speed?
  12. vadim thanks for the link that works for me, now i can oc al the way to 720 mhz but temps get too high so i will just remain at 700 MHZ (using stock cooling fan speed set to 60%). I am using vista 32.
    alvine i think that your problem is the mem speed. try something like 1100 MHZ because it is ddr3 and at 1200 MHZ you would need quite a juice.
    My Psu is 470w thermaltake so i think it is enough.
  13. no guys I was running the gpu-z to see if the speeds actually changed when I apply the clock settings in program and they dont move (625/948). Seems like program doesnt like vista 64-bit and the clocks dont change. I tried rivatuner once and yes it lets me get over 700 limit but the card is unstable so it would be nice to find out how can I increase voltage so it would be stable.....
  14. AMD GPU clock tool wont apply the clocks?

    Did you get this version? 0.9.8? This is the one I use for XP64

    Rivatuner had some bugs and didn't support the 4800s for a long time. It sounds like it doesn't fully support them still. Are you guys using v2.11?
  15. thanks it applied the new clocks but the card is unstable.....anyone has idea how to increase voltage?
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