9800gtx - framerate issues

hi guys im having a really strange issue i cannot seem to solve.

when running any sort of 3d app it will run at proper fps for a short while(anywhere from 0 - 30sec) then the fps will drop to around 2-3fps. the drop remains for a short while(5-10sec) then proper fps returns, and so the cycle continues.

i have tried:

two different psu's: 600w(isonic) & 550w(gigabyte) - no change
two different sticks of ram - no change
two different installs of win xp - no change
removed drivers(driver cleaner pro) - reinstalled - no change

my specs:

asus m2n-vm hdmi mobo
amd 6000+
pov 9800gtx

both power connectors are connected on the card.

im leaning towards a cpu issue, not sure??
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  1. you might have a faulty card, or the drivers you got are the wrong ones (or theyre seriously f'd up). see if you can return the GPU for a new one or get new drivers.
  2. thanks, i have just recieved the card so i dont think its the issue. when i had my 8800gt, a few months ago it did the same thing, i eventually got the card replaced for my current 9800gtx. as for the drivers, im using the lastest nvidia drivers.

    last time these issues became apparent, the cpu and mobo were replaced, this seemed to fix the problem so i reckon cpu might be on its way again (my fourth one.. i have lost complete faith in amd!!!!)
  3. i think there might be something wrong with your mobo, not your cpu. i mean, you've gotten 4 differen't ones and same problems even with different card? sounds like the mobo is screwed up.
  4. with regard to the cpu's, they were not replaced cause they were presumed faulty, but rather cause they died.

    well ironically enough this is mobo no. 2 of the asus. had consant issues with 3 other foxconn boards.. although the asus board replacement was 'just to be sure' according to the store i got it from..

    i will be going back to the store tommorow to get it checked out.

    im at breaking point with this f*&%$n pc!! it has given constant problems since i bought it in feb!

    thanks again for your suggestions, im just trying to find out any possible alternatives.
  5. just ran a simple gfx app - the itunes visualiser, i experienced the same problems.
  6. maybe overheating? so its underclocking too prevent blowing up?
  7. Yup, I would look at temps!
  8. hitch24 I have to agree with teh_boxer & roadrunner197069 I would check the air flow through that pc before I would spend any more money on that pc.also also you can up the speed on the gpu fan through a fan mate or a ntune software .I got both of them and only use ntune.
  9. thanks guys, i am running the pc with the case open, but i will try ntune and put the fan on 100% to test.. its just strange as it happens even if the pc has been on for a few min.. going to give it a try tho
  10. download gpu-z to check temps and clock speeds.
  11. ok i tried ntune and found something interesting..

    i was able to increase the fan speed to 100% - no change - card stayed cool to the touch. but something strange happens with ntune. when i look at the system details it tells me my motherboard is unknown. strange considering i have an nforce mobo. when i click on the adjust motherboard performance tab the pc resets itself??

    the card is idling at 53degrees and after crashing 59degrees.
  12. hi guys... problem solved. turned out it was a temp issue, not cpu or gpu related tho..

    Due to the size of the 9800gtx part of my northbridge is covered. this was causing a heat issue. i have set up a fan which blows directly over the northbridge and problem solved.

    thanks again for all the suggestions ;)
  13. hitch24 glad to hear you found out what was causing the problem.

    Due to the size of the 9800gtx part of my northbridge is covered. this was causing a heat issue. i have set up a fan which blows directly over the northbridge and problem solved.

    also thanks for posting back the answer to the problem way to go. :bounce:
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