Multi-Purpose Rig(gaming, htpc,etc..) Critique please!

Hey All,

I just finished putting the finishing touches on my new, soon to be, rig. Here are the specs and price break downs, Please let me know how I did!! I plan to play CS:S, Crysis, Diablo 3, and all the latest and greatest PC Games. I also plan to record TV shows over ATSC(D/PVR) and even QAM?? I will also be doing video editing, processing, designing. Last but not least, I will be web browsing and doing just "regular" PC activities. I will probably overclock this puppy. I will be using the PC to play H.264, 720P,1080i/p videos on my Samsung LCD TV which has a HDMI input. Maybe do some gaming on the 32 inch also??

Antec 300 Case $74.00
Xigmatek 3x120mm fans ^0.00
Corsair TX 650W ATX12V $95.23
Intel Core Extreme Q6850 $273.11
Asus P5QSE/R Motherboard $288.94
Seagate 1TB 7200 RPM, 32 MB Cache ^0.00
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 CPU Cooler ^0.00
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB DDR5 $302.66
Asus Combo-210E PCI-E TV Tuner Card $38.00
[2x2gb RAM - have not purchased but est $75.00

Total: $1146.91 including taxes and shipping

After rebate/cashback = $1112 Total (Hopefully I'll get enough double points for an extra $25 cash back)
I wish it would've been under $1100.

Stuff I did not get but may contemplate getting in the future:
Sound Card
Better Monitor(19 inch currently)
Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Burner/Reader

Anything else I'm missing guys that I should contemplate getting?
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  1. You don't want to save money? For starters, you don't need Q6850 & P5Q SE/R to overclock to about 3.6Ghz which is the limit for air cooling. You can do the same with Q6600 & P5Q PRO which has the power saving EPU-6 Engine.

    Green is a gimmick. Next thing you know, they will come up with *cough* Al-Gore-Green *cough* Certified Overclocker's 2.5v memory. Intel had green in mind when they designed the Core 2. It's called EIST. A power saving feature build into every C2 chip:

    So did AMD with their Cool-n-Quiet.

    The onboard sound with P45 is not bad. It's Realtek ALC1200, 8-channel High Definition Audio CODEC. I use a similiar one.

    No need for another monitor since you got a 32 incher. You can pick up a DVI-to-HDMI adapter for $10 to hook up your gpu to the HDTV.

    You might want a HD reader. Look into LG's hybrid drive. About $130. Does everything.
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