EVGA 8800GT not able to display 1920x1080 on my HDTV

I own a LN46A650 Samsung and just recently hooked my desktop up to it. I have a EVGA 8800GT which I have a VGA cable running to using a DVI > VGA adapter. I have updated the drivers from Nvidia's website, upgraded the software for the TV via usb flashdrive and still I am only able to display 1360x768. I would like to display 1920x1080 unfortunately the only way I can do this is by creating a custom resolution. I tried that but when I do create one, my TV blacks out with the big "mode not supported" warning. I've also found that my card is not detecting my TV as a monitor so I can't modify settings properly. It's an analog display according to Nvidia's control panel.

I have a DVI > HDMI cable on the way currently, hopefully that will work. Does anyone else have experience with this issue in creating custom resolutions? Your help is greatly appreciated...
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  1. I have seen some TVs that have problems with that resolution using VGA. I would say just wait for the DVI>HDMI cable and you wont have any issues.
  2. I had that same problem when I first got my 8800GTX, but a driver update solved the problem. 8800gt drivers are pretty well mature by now, so I doubt that is your problem.

    good luck
  3. try to lower the refresh rate maybe that will help
  4. I have tried 60hz 59hz and 24hz... All of them come up on my TV as "mode not supported". I'm at my wits end here. It might be my cable...

    Are both of your TV's showed as monitors in Nvidia? I thought that this could be a problem as Nvidia has a default Analog monitor setting with default resolutions if it can't detect a valid monitor with drivers.
  5. it might not like the 1920x1080 over VGA, 1360x768 might be the highest it is able to go over VGA

    im guessin the DVi->HDMI cable will fix the problem

    at work, we have a laptop with an nvidia 8600 connected to a sharp aquos 1080P 46 inch via hdmi and it can do 1920x1080 no problem

    since you are using the VGA cable then yes it would come up as an analogue display and it would read the available displays that your tv reports back to it via EDID

    nice tv BTW :)
  6. Thanks very much! We absolutely love our TV and being the perfectionist and gamer I am, I can't wait to play on this thing at high definition settings. I'll wait for the cable and cross my fingers it works properly.

    Thank you for everyone that responded to my thread. I've been hurting for the last 2 evenings after work racking my brain on this issue.
  7. I have successfully got 1080P from 8800GT through the following connections:

    1) DVI to HDMI (My current connection) to a 70inch HDTV
    2) Anlog Dungle to component video connections to TV this also works.

    My video source from PC are HD -TV Tuner & Blue-Ray/HD_DVD/DVD
    You should be able to get HD-1080P to your TV from 8800GT

    Other video cards that i have tested and got successful results is 3870 & 280 video cards.

    8800GT is more than adequate for 1080P video...
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