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i use a 20" apple cinema display cuz my dad got it free cuz he works for apple.

i've never seen this happen on another monitor, but when i press the off/on button on the monitor, it asks me if i want to shut down the mac mini.
for example, when both are off, if i turn the monitor on, the mac mini turns on too.
this hasn't happened before until i hooked the usb and firewire things in for the monitor. so is that why it's dooing it and how do i get it to not do this?
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  1. Ummm, unhook the usb and/or firewire. You may also be able to stop this behavior by uninstalling the software you got with the monitor, but chances are that will also turn off some things you do want.

    Actually, it's kind of neat. Why do you want to disable the feature? It makes sense to me, since the computer and the monitor need each other to work.
  2. the cinema display is designed to work that way

    you should be able to disable it if you go to your system preferences from your apple logo (im assuming you are using mac OS on your mac mini)

    and yea you could just unhook the USB/firewire cables from it
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