Need help and advice for overclocking using BIOs

Hey guys. I am playing Crysis Warhead and I realized that the hardware I am using is not powerful enough to play it on the hi-res and quality. Playing it on 1200 x 1024 at Very High gives me 3 - 5 FPS :heink: I have thought about buying new hardware but I decided to give a try in overclocking my CPU and VGA.

Here are my computer specs:

Motherboard: Asus M2N68-AM (supports BIOs)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x 2 4600 (2.4 GHz)
VGA: Asus EN9500GT MAGIC (512MB)
RAM: OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 4GB Kit 800 (2 x 2 GB)
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit

I started to read articles about overclocking VGAs and CPUs recently. I get the main concept but I do not know how to actually get the 2.4 on my CPU to go up. I tried to use the BIOs setup to overclock but I know which configuration I should raise to get the maximum out of my CPU. For Configure System Frequency on my BIOs Setup - Advanced... I have:

AI Overclocking [Auto / Manual]
CPU Frequency [200 - 300] (Normally at 200)
PCIE Overclocking [Auto / Manual]
PCIE Frequency [100 - 150] (Normally at 100)

CPU Ratio and Voltage
Processor Freq. Multiplier [Auto / 1600 x 8 / 1700 x 8.5 / 1800 x9 / 1900 x 9.5 / 2000 x 10 / 2100 x 10.5 / 2200 x 11 / 2300 x 11.5 / 2400 x 12]
Processor Voltage [Power Saving Mode / Standard / + 50W / + 100w]

1) At what spec should I raise my CPU to get the most?
2) What can I use to overclock my 9500GT and how to do so?

Any advice is good, and thank you very much if you can give me steps to do so.
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  1. I recently pulled my 2.4GHz CPU to 2.99GHz, but not much increase in the FPS, but just performs faster in CPU Stressing programs.

    any idea how to get the FPS up?
  2. For more FPS you need a better CPU and GPU.

    Your processor isn't a BE, so, you can't rise only the multiplier, the only way to OC your processor is with the CPU FBS Frecuencyk, BUT be carefull, 'cause with this, you also riser the memory frecuency.

    Read this article, is with a X3, but have lock multiplier like your processor.,2396.html
  3. well Im not sure which to upgrade.
    its either i upgrade CPU or GPU.
    if i get a new GPU, it would be 9800 GTX since its in my budget, but then the CPU will be a bottleneck.

    if i get a new CPU, the GPU will be a bottle neck.

    so i need to find a way to oc one of these so i dont need to buy two things.

    i read it, but its pretty confusing cuz im still a newbie at OCing.

    i dont get which clocks to increase for the FSB.

    is it possible for you to give me some sort of steps to get teh FSB up?

    thank you very much
  4. btw, how can i add my hardware configuration to my profile?
    would make thigns much easier to see
  5. Ok, just wait me till the night that arrive to my home and i can give you some tips for OC your PC.
  6. thank you very much
  7. Ok, i'm back. Firts step. Download the AMD Overdrive from here.

    With this application, you can OV your PC from Windows in an easy way. Download and see the enviroment, after this, write me again and be can start to OC.
  8. kay. so i installed AMD Overdrive but then when i ran it... it said...

    AMD Overdrive cannot detect AMD 7-Series chipset on this computer.

    any clues...?
  9. Best answer
    Oh...your mobo don't have chipset AMD, is nVidia chipset. Don't try to install again you can't install this on you system.

    For OC you processor, from the BIOS, start to rise the CPU frecuency in small incrise, BUT be careful with the RAM frecuency, set the timings of this manually in the BIOS.

    For OC your GPU, download and use Riva tuner.
  10. ummm... this motherboard has the GF 7025/nForce 630a Chipset which i believe is nVidia though.

    ok, for the CPU, do i need to add any voltages to it? its either: Power Saving Mode / Standard / +50 / +100
    the RAM frequency doesnt give as much options. starts from 200, then 266 then 333 then some other numbers that i forgot about

    haha, ive been so desperate that i tried almost every OCing software out there.
    i have EVGA Precision and Rivatuner to OCing
    crysis benchmarker to benchmark the FPS
    Systool to stress and test the CPU after OCing it.

    recently, i have been getting experiencing the screen fuzzing, then freezing, then blue screen. after, i turned down the CPU freq, then re-raised it and its fine now. any explanations?
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