Build check - (first) midrange gaming/media build (edit: V2)

First build, so I'm flying a bit by the seat of my pants here, but let me know what you think.

Purpose is a mid-range "good enough" gaming build that'll last me a few years with some minor upgrades (second vid card SLI, maybe a faster hard drive, etc). I realize I'm not getting the full 4gb RAM without Vista64, but it's cheap and I don't feel like dealing with 64 driver issues.

I've also included EVERYTHING I'll be buying, including thermal paste, office, OS, etc.

Discounts not listed here:
(combo) $20 - Motherboard/PSU
(combo) $5 - CPU/RAM
(combo) $10 - HD/Windows
(rebate) $40 - video card
(rebate) $20 - PSU
(rebate) $30 - RAM

Have mouse/keyboard already, monitor will be purchased separately (probably a dell 22" widescreen since I get ~10-15% off)

Anything I'm missing? Anything I'm wasting my money on, or should replace with something different? Anything that's worth a few more bucks to upgrade (which I don't mind doing - 2k is my max tho)?
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  1. OK...It's fine if you want a 32 bit OS, but I don't know many people that have issues with 64 bit driver support anymore.

    I'd also suggest that you use Home Premium, unless you really need the few extra features in Ultimate. You can find a copy of Home Premium OEM from places for less than $100.

    I would also suggest you try to use the onboard sound first because it is often fine/good enough for most people.

    The choices you made look good. Good luck.
  2. ^ +1 i agree with the huron
  3. Modified to home premium 64, in case those of you just clicking are wondering wtf we're talking about ultimate for.
  4. (edit: double post.)
  5. the cash for an upgrade down the line or something else for the build now :)
  6. i like the rig its great i will make just a few suggestions

    first i would go with a western digital hdd just an opinion

    next if you have a little more cash i would go ahead and get the 750 watt by corsair it has 4 6+2 pins the 650 only has 2 so if you are going to SLI down the line it would be easier and the 750watt only cost like 20bucks more.....

    i am for the 64 bit os +1

    personally i like artic silver 5 over tuniq TX-2

    these are just nit picks(the PSU you should look at mostly) but i thought i might as well put in my 2 cents

    hope this helps
  7. changed a few things for the build. Read some unfortunate things about nvidia mobos, so I've switched to a slightly nicer intel board and upped the ram to 1033, along with a 4870 instead of the GTX260.

    Plenty of room in my budget, but don't want to get in the realm of "pay double for 5% better performance".

  8. The list looks fine. You honestly won't need anything above DDR2 800 (especially if you aren't going to overclock). Have fun with the build
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