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I mounted a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 cooler inside a Coolermaster HAF 922 case. When I did it, I oriented the cooler and fans so that air flows from the bottom through the coolers to the top. However, when I looked at pictures of other people's builds, I noticed that they all seem to mount the cooler/fans with air flowing from the front to the rear.

Have I made a major error or is my orientation OK? I was thinking it would be better to go with bottom to top to take advantage of the big fan at the top of the HAF 922, but not I'm nervous since all the pictures I see go the other way.
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  1. The standard configuration is a cpu heatsink installed so that the heatsink fan blows through the heatsink toward the exhaust fan on the rear panel. The heatsink fan and the exhaust fan on the rear panel work together to cool the cpu and exhaust hot air. You've already noticed that in the photos. The fans on the top panel are supplementary exhaust fans. The fans at the bottom front and side panel are intake fans that blow cool air into the case. The fans at the bottom front are the primary intake fans and the fans on a side panel are supplementary intake fans that can help cool the video card and/or the cpu.

    Your configuration is not a disaster. You're system just isn't being cooled as well as it could be. You should consider changing your heatsinks orientation.
  2. You do have a top exhaust fan so you should be just fine.
  3. Conumdrum - The fan on the top panel is a larger, low rpm, 200mm fan. The 922 configuration is similar to my 932. I just put my hand near both fans. The fan on the rear panel of the 932 is definetely exhausting more air than the one on the top panel. It is quite noticeable. At least it feels like it is. I have no way to take an accurate measurement.
  4. Yea, but the heat won't be trapped there at least. All he can do is check temps. Might be fine, might not be. My guess it's gonna be fine.

    A 200mm fan probably pulls more actual air due to it's large size, who knows for sure. My 900 worked fine, lot like your case. But that was over 2 years ago when I decided to go tech stations.
  5. Just buy a Xigmatek or any direct touch heatsink and drill several pinhole size holes directly into the pipes want the heat to escape off your cpu right ? , Not hold the heat in ? You don't even have to lap your cpu .. and then get a 5 litre bucket of ice and 3 litres of h20 and pour it directly on top of your head ...but saftey first ..close your eyes and pinch your nostrils off , and have a dry towel ready because you will get a chill. Bah ha hah ..( Do not lap your Direct Touch Heatsink or drill holes into your heatsink pipes ) ...Do Not , get a 5 litre bucket of ice and 3 litres of h20 and pour it directly on top of your head .. Pour it on your friends head...Bah

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  6. typo^(you) ( your )overclocking your processor , will decrease the life of your processor
  7. typo^(you) ( your )overclocking your processor , will decrease the life of your processor
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  9. inuitdave said:
    If i,m wrong ( holla ) at me ...Peace

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  10. well abotu the heatsink thing, you will mess up the optimal airflow in your case if you mount the coolr with the fan pullign air up. it is meant to be pulling air back toward the rear exhaist fan, as others already said. however, though you may have an average system temp increase by maybe 1 degree or so im guessing you probably dont need to bother changin it
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