* OMG Please Help in DIRE need of advice and suggestions !! *

I just built a computer last night for roughly 1000 without tax from NCIX.com, I am in Canada...
I'll list the stats after, but I just saw this tonight http://configure.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=ca&CS=cadhs1&l=en&OC=DSXPS_R_1E&dgc=AF&cid=3881&lid=77903
An i7 920 with 3gb RAM tri-channel and an ATI 3450...for 999
So pretty much the same price, but with an i7 CPU.

ARE DELL'S customizable just like clone PCS!? i've never bought one b4 or used...so no idea...please help!!!

The only problem is I don't know what PSU it comes with, what brand the HD is, what brand the motherboard is, although I imagine it's a x58 so it comes with everything such as two pcie x16 slots...
It's the same price as the following system I built and payed for (i can refund but it has to be QUICK)...and I have to wait til end of next week to receive parts to build...

CPU - e8400
Mobo - EVGA 750i FTW SLI
GPU - 260gtx core 216 EVGA
HD - Samsung Spinpoint F1 640gb 7200gb 16mb buffer
Case - Antec 300
PSU - Seasonic M12 600w modular
RAM - Mushkin 4gb pc6400 ddr-800 2x2gb dual channel 5-4-4-12@1.8v
HSF - OCZ Vendetta 1

I know the dell comp doesn't come with a beefy GPU like my build...but I don't mind paying more for that...

This is what I see:
i7 920 > e8400 and future proof
X58 mobo regardless of brand > evga 750i sli
HD's are same size and same speeds
Antec 300 not that great anyways, dell case can't be too bad
PSU..this bothers me...i don't know what wattage/brand it is at all, and if it can handle SLI...
ddr3 tri channel > ddr2...
No HSF, i can add one i guess?

it looks like a heck of a deal so far....
what do u guys think? i have very very little time to refund b4 they ship..so please help!!!
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  1. Well the video card in that Dell system is a piece of garbage. Your system has a GTX 260 in it, thats where the difference in price is. And tri-channel hasnt proven to be better than anything yet.

    Regardless.....I say refund.
  2. the big question is are dell's customizable?
    i've been reading the case is really small...so i can just buy a new case and swap components?
    can i make it crossfire? and can i add an aftermarket HSF on it?
    also....the motherboard HAS TO have crossfire right? x16/x16 pcie lanes?
    it just looks like a really good price for 1000 even though the vid card is garbage...i calculated it to cost me roughly 1100 to buy a similar system, but without a gpu...the dell system comes with 64-bit vista too

    damnit i'm so confused
  3. Dell cases are garbage usually, and the PSU in the dell system is probably garbage and not suitable for Crossfire/SLI. I have to contradict myself on what I said before, build your own system on second though. $1100 for similar components with no video card, it might actually be worth the extra money over the dell.

    I bet you wish you never seen that Dell link. Welcome to PC building, its just soooooo fun debating yourself over components. The tech moves too fast, there is never a good time to buy.
  4. You will most likely need to buy a new case, PSU and GPU for that Dell, but after that it will be a very good gaming PC.

    Between 4 GB of DDR2 and 3 GB of DDR3 I'd pick the 4 GB of DDR2. Still, 3 GB is good enough for most games.
  5. oh man...wtf
    thanks for the opinions/suggestions!
    but check this out
    watch the video...and wait until they open the case...
    it looks like a non-standard sized motherboard?
    so i'm guessing it's a dell custom motherboard!?
    it doesn't even look like u can put a second video card in it!? wtff?
    lol the 4850 is right at the bottom of the case...
    i'm confused even more.
    it really looks like they cut the motherboard in half!!!!
  6. Dell motherboards and CPU coolers (usually) are proprietary designs. And most of the time the cases are too, and the mounting points wont support a standard ATX. This is why that system is so cheap, its trash. X58 chipset/board is literally worthless without the SLI/Crossfire support.
  7. so you're saying there really is no sli/crossfire support!?
    ah jeez, nvm screw dell haha.
  8. That looks like good ole mATX. Even the screw holes are in the right places. Makes sense too. All those new inspiron cases were built for mATX boards. The mobo should be swappable to a different case, but the real question is, why would you? The mobo only has one 16x slot, so it can't run crossfire. It's a plain old mATX board in a mATX case, using a standard PSU.

    As long as you can do without crossfire, that dell looks good. However, you can't overclock the i920 in that dell, so you might be better off building your own and overclocking the 8400.
  9. Well if you shop wise you can build a i7 without a huge psu and gpu for $1000 and if you even though about the Dell you might as well build i7 and get a psu , and gpu that you want.
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