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I have been using this mobo for over a year and it slowly stopped working. At first, the BIOS started giving me messages indicating that the system defaults were being loaded due to a loss of something. Then it started sporratically responding to the power button. Sometimes it would turn on and sometimes it would do nothing. Then it began to boot and stop posting before powering on the video card. The posting codes on the board were stopping on C1 which indicates memory check phase of boot. So, I tried replacing the ram with a single stick of ddr2 800 which I know to be functional.

After a short time of futzing about with replacing different components, it stopped responding to the power button at all. The leds on the mobo still light up when the power supply is switched on, but it does nothing when you press the power button. I checked the condition of the power button and determined that it was functioning properly.

Being at wit's end, I decided to try something a bit more extreme. I replaced the board with an older gigahertz board using all the components which were present at the genesis of the problem. The old board booted properly and shows no problems during operation.

I would prefer to use the abit board as it has some features not present on the other. I am curious about the cause of the error. Could this happen due to CMOS battery death, or am I looking at something more sinister like the death of a capacitor or resistor on the board? Does anyone have any ideas about this or about how I could test it to determine the cause of the problem?
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  1. you can take the battery off one board and install it on another they are all the same 3.0v,,the last time i had the same symptoms 'twas the psu getting ready to go south,you say due to loss of "something" ,,er,, exactly what,??.. :)
  2. The PSU was replaced prior to total failure, so this is not the issue. Replacing the battery would require that I swap the mobos again to test this. That is a lot of work, and I would like to have a slightly more solid idea of what is wrong before trying this again.

    >>you say due to loss of "something" ,,er,, exactly what,??..

    as I stated in my original post, some essential elecrical component like a capacitor or resistor on the board, perhaps a programable logic chip.
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