Please Help me Finish this system build

Hey all - please see the link to my current build.

I was thinking of a GTX260 video card, if that helps with direction.

I'm really clueless about motherboards - DDR2 makes the most sense?

Your help is appreciated.

Btw - I am really only using the system for gaming and not much else.

thank you for your help.
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  1. Howdy,

    First, what is your budget for this system? And I'd also suggest going with ATI for your graphics card.
    Without knowing here are some suggestions....

    Here is that same PSU from much cheaper, and free shipping.

    In my opinion I like this case better than the antec, both are built very similar.... You can get this one slightly cheaper and with free shipping.

    For the motherboard I'd go with something like this:

    Or you can save a little more money and get a x38 chipset for basically the same performance.

    Memory I'd go with this:

    And since your going to be mostly gaming you might want to consider getting a a duel core, like the E8400 or E8500.
    However future games will probably start taking advantage of the more core power quads give. And an overclocked Q6600 is a pretty nice gaming chip itself.

    And then for your graphics card.... If you have a high budget then go with a 4870x2, but if its not that high, go with a 4870 right now and then you can crossfire another when you get the funds.

    If you really want to go nvidia, then for a higher-end mobo get the 780i, and for more of a budget board take a look at the 750i.
  2. I'd like to stay around 1600 total - including the monitor.

    Can you elaborate a bit on why the X48 over a P45?

    I think the 4879x2 will be out of my range, thus the GTX260 idea.
  3. The x48 and x38 chipsets provide CrossfireX at 16x speed on both of the PCIe 2.0 slots.
    The p45 will provide 16x when using one card in your PCIe 2.0 slot, but when you crossfireX cards it will then change to run both cards at reduced bandwidth of 8x.
    Technically you won't take a huge performance hit with 2 8x lanes, as opposed to 2 16x. But you will lose some FPS, especially at the higher resolutions. And I figure if your going to buy a $250+ card you might as well get all you can out of it. :D

    And since you will be gaming at 1920x1200 with that monitor, I imagine you will want to crossfire if not now, a little later on when funds allow.

    However if you are pretty certain you will never want to Crossfire/SLI, a p45 board would be a good choice.
  4. I would suggest you try to look around for the case. I have it, but you ought to be able to find it much cheaper. It's great, but that price is high.

    The build looks good. +1 for X38/X48.
  5. Well if you're gonna go with that nVidia board you may want to consider getting a 9800 GX2. As to if you should choose that over the 260 it's going to depend on what games you want to play and at what resolutions since the 9800 GX2 doesn't always scale well, but when it does it's awsome. Personally I'd say go with a good x38 board or if that's not in your budget then a good p45 board. Then go with a single Radeon 4870 now and drop in another one latter to run in crossfire.
  6. I will play Warhammer Online - about 90% of my gameplay.

    Does that help? Big mmo - lots of open field, big battles.
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