Lite-On DH401S - Reads fine, but isn't detected as writer

I have Lite-On's BD DH-401S. It reads fine, but no software will detect it as a burner/writer.
I bought my computer (pre-built) one year ago and CD/DVD-ROM had this problem from the start, but I was never enough bothered by it to do something. I changed my OS quite a few times and it didn't make any difference. I'm using Win7 x64 at the moment.
I checked the cables and updated firmware today (official firmware from their webpage) and it still doesn't recognize it as a writer.

It doesn't bother me so much because I burn just about 2 DVDs per year, but I'd like to fix it just for the sake of it.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The BD DH-401S is a read only drive not a burner
  2. Unfortunately its only a cd/dvd drive. You can always get a cd/dvd burner for $23-28 cheap off newegg.
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