I can not choose bets VGA card can anyone help me plz.

I can not know which VGA card is better HD 4850 512MB or GeForce 9800 GTX plus(+) or GeForce 9600 GTX so can anyone help me to choose best one of them plz.
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  1. Don't go for the 9600GT. If you have an SLi board then get the 9800GTX+. Otherwise, get the Radeon 4850 and be happy.
  2. +1 What megaman said
  3. the 4850 is the better card
  4. thank you very much for help but I heard that most games are geared towards nvida cards..is that true??

    and what is the difference between them??
  5. Not any more. About a year ago the 8800GTX was the best card available, by far. That led to games like Crysis that were indeed optimized for nVidia. These days however ATI has the lead and game developers pay a lot more attention to ATI cards than before.

    In general, in the $150 range the HD 4850 rules. That's especially true because HD 4850 Crossfire scales better than 9800GTX+ SLI and because HD 4850 Crossfire works on Intel chipsets (P45, X48) which are usually better than SLI motherboards.

    Anyway, you'll be happy with either HD 4850 or 9800GTX+. Just avoid the 9600GT, that one is weaker.
  6. ^^
    what he said
  7. ok but what about PhysX because some pepole say that Geforce support PhysX but really I do not know what this PhysX is and is there any difference between cards that support PhysX and other that do not it support it in Games and graphic programmes performance because I love games very much and I want the card which provides higher performance in games??

    thanks again.
  8. There are two APIs for physics calculations. One is called PhysX and implemented in nVidia cards. The other is called Havok and you get it with ATI cards. Some games use PhysX (can't think of an example right now, but there's lots of them), some use Havok (e.g. Diablo 3). Either way, with a good CPU you can get physics support through software, i.e. done by the CPU. It really shouldn't be a factor when you choose your graphics card.
  9. you give me great advices..

    and I will tell you things about my Computer:

    processor:Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor E8400

    motherboard:asus P5Q-E


    operating system: windows vista

    so you thnink that If I buy HD 4850 or XFX 9800 plus,the previous featuers can run game like crysis fast??

    and is HD 4850 still better than XFX 9800 plus without Overclocking because I will not do overclocking to the card I will buy, and where I can find full Specification of HD 4850 card on the net ??

  10. Add 2 more GB of RAM, it will make a big difference in your gaming under Vista.

    I think the HD 4850 is better than the 9800GTX+, yes. Here's a quote from my favorite tech site:

    The Radeon HD 4850 continues to be a better buy than NVIDIA's GeForce 9800 GTX, even if both are priced at $199. The overclocked, 55nm 9800 GTX+ manages to barely outperform the 4850 in a few titles, but loses by a larger margin in others, so for the most part it isn't competitive enough to justify the extra $30. The 4850 also uses significantly less power than the 9800 GTX+, and AMD was quick to point out that by the time the 9800 GTX+ ships that it will also have factory overclocked 4850s. That should make things even more interesting, because honestly, a factory overclocked Radeon HD 4850 is far more attractive to us than an overclocked GTX+.

    That being said, the difference between those two cards is minimal, so don't worry about it. The 9800GTX+ got 31.6 fps, better than HD 4850's 29.8 fps, in Crysis at 1600x1200 with no AA on Anandtech's PC. With AA enabled, the HD 4850 wins. At 1280x1024, either of those cards should give you at least 40 fps in Crysis, so I think you'll enjoy playing.

    Full specification of the HD 4850: you can get the tech specs from any number of places. For example here:
    Brand 	VisionTek
    Model 	900241
    Interface 	PCI Express 2.0 x16
    Chipset Manufacturer 	ATI
    GPU 	Radeon HD 4850
    Core clock 	625MHz
    Stream Processors 	800 Stream Processing Units
    Memory Size 	512MB
    Memory Interface 	256-bit
    Memory Type 	GDDR3
    3D API
    DirectX 	DirectX 10.1
    OpenGL 	OpenGL 2.1
    HDMI 	1 via Adapter
    DVI 	2
    TV-Out 	HDTV / S-Video / Composite Out
    RAMDAC 	400 MHz
    Max Resolution 	2560 x 1600
    CrossFire Supported 	Yes
    Cooler 	With Fan
    System Requirements 	450 Watt or greater power supply with 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express power connector recommended (550 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode)
    Power Connector 	6 Pin
    Dual-Link DVI Supported 	Yes
    Windows Vista 	Certified for Windows Vista
    HDCP Ready 	Yes
    Package Contents 	900241
    Driver Disk
    User's Manual
    HDTV Cable
    Power Cable
    DVI to VGA/D-sub Adapter
    DVI to HDMI Adapter
    CrossFire Bridge
    S-Video to Composite Adapter
    Manufacturer Warranty
    Parts 	Lifetime limited
    Labor 	Lifetime limited

    Better yet, read some reviews. Here's one for example:
  11. I just realized. Your P5Q-E supports two HD 4850 cards in Crossfire. It won't support two 9800GTX+ in SLI. That's an excellent reason for you to prefer the HD 4850. When one card is not enough any more, you won't need to buy an expensive new video card or a new motherboard, you'll just spend another $100 or so on a second HD 4850. If it's $150 now, I'm sure it will be under $100 a year from now. I'm assuming your PSU does satisfy the requirements for HD 4850 Crossfire (550W or more, two 6-pin connectors).
  12. thank you very much and after reading your helpful answers ,I prefer HD 4850 but
    I heard that when I use card too much it becomes very hot so it can be corrupted easily and also it will have shorter life because this problem..is that true and does this problem present also in HD 4870 ??
  13. Once more, 4850..just get it
  14. Yes, in general, single-slot graphics cards can get hot. We've seen that with HD 4850, and before that with 8800GT.
    If your case has excellent cooling you don't have to worry about that. If not, get a dual-slot card.

    There are dual-slot versions of the HD 4850 now. They have a vent through which the heat can get out of the case immediately, and better heatsinks and fans. The HD 4870 cards are all dual-slot AFAIK, and they're faster too, but they cost more.

    Take a look at these dual-slot HD 4850 models for example:
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127370 MSI
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129112 Visiontek
  15. THANKS YOU VERY MUCH and I will get HD 4870 because it does not have hot problem as HD 4850.

    thanks again.
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