4850 512mb Vs 1gb

Hey everyone I have been making many posts regarding me purchasing a new GPU and I have finally decided to purchase the 4850 PCS+ (665 MHZ) now there is a decision to be made here should i get the 512mb version for £120 or the 1gb version for £140 or is there something better or something cheaper but still as good for me to get Thank you.

Current system:
E6400 Intel core 2 duo 2.13 ghz (non-oc)
2gb ddr2 553 mhz ram
HEC 550-TD PTE PSU (35 A on 2 12v rails)

I will appreciate any replies thank you
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  1. also would like to add this:
    I currently run 19" monitor on 1440x900 but very soon will upgrade to 24" with 1900x1200 res looking to play crysis on high dx9 settings

  2. Check this out:


    It compares the HD4870 ( a more powerful card than yours) between 512MB and 1GB. The end result: Although they did not see any big improvements with the extra 512MBs, they suggest you go for the 1GB version (small difference in price) because of the smoothness it provides.

    I would also like to add that if you go at 1920x1200 and want to play Crysis as well, definitely go for the 1GB version.
  3. thanks is my psu good enough too?
  4. osiris2k8 said:
    thanks is my psu good enough too?

    If you do not overclock or Crossfire it should be fine with even some headroom to be safe.

    Enjoy your new system mate!

    Happy gaming!
  5. If you get that high end card, I would definately overclock that cpu of yours to an easy 3GHz at least. Either that or upgrade to a faster cpu. I would never buy a high end card and be cpu bottlenecked.
  6. thanks dark and new

    but I dont have a non-reference fan on the cpu and also my mobo isnt the best for OC'ing and more issues
  7. Then upgrade to a better motherboard, your cpu is just begging for an OC ;)
  8. nah mate thats out of the question i dont have the skill or the cash for it should i just get a mid range or a high-low end card instead then if my cpu is bottlenecking the 4850
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