Help me realize the Dream-Machine !!

Hey guyz, its the first time Im out to make my "dream machine" and would highly appreciate suggestions and advice from all the Xperts around here.
Except for the GPU and Monitor I have not really made up my mind for anything else. So plz review all the components and tell me just how compatible they are and whether or not I need to make changes. Quite frankly I aint all that computer savvy, so far, so try to make sure ure suggestions 'easier' to comprehend.
Well here I go:

1) GPU___________ATI PCX 4870 512MB (256-BITS) DDR5
2) Processor_______E8500 3.16Ghz (6MB CACHE - 1333MHZ FSB)
3) Mobo___________P5QC INTEL P45+ICH10R 1600 FSB (775PINS - SND + LAN-DDR2 & DDR III SUPPORT) PCX SLOT
4) Monitor__________2232BW 22" HIGH GLOSSY BLACK WIDE SCREEN
5) HDD_____________250GB 3.5" HDD 7200RPM 8MB Cache (ST-3250820A)
6) PSU______________ Crosair 520 WATTS SLI READY (HX520W) MODULAR

7) RAM______________ CLUELESS!!....Every1 has been sayin "go for XMS Crosair".....u tell, would 2 GB DDR2 suffice or should I go for the expensice DDR-3

These are the essentials for now....would finalize the accessories list in a couple of hours and would post it up here soon.

P.S: Guys I aint a fanboy of any brand and certainly not inclined towards OC-ing (unless necessary) so keep that in mind when ure suggesting something and THANKS in adv.
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  1. First point of advice: stop using X for words that use "ex", like expert or extreme.

    Most things looks good on your part selection. If you could go for a HD with 16mb cache instead of 8. For the RAM stick with DDR2 and go for some 800 or 1066 speed RAM. Best choice for compatibility is to go with something that is on the MB QVL.
  2. Get a P5Q Pro, 2x2Gb DDR2-800, and a 750TX instead of the 520HX. This way you pay about the same but get the ability to add a second card later.

    Upgrade the HDD to a 640GB disk (WD and Seagate are $85 and $90 at newegg right now, and they're pretty much identical as performance). They have excellent price/GB and enormous speeds.
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